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    cannot find mc within mc


      I have an app where I am wanting to use some movieclips when clicked on to remove the current movieclip and add a new movieclip. My problem seems to be that whenever I refer to the homeArtist_mc movieclip I get an error. For example on line 50 in my actionscript I have


      homeArtist_mc.buttonMode = true;


      and I get this error


      1120: access of undefined property homeArtist_mc.


      I am pretty new to actionscript 3 and I have been trying for days to figure this out with no luck. The fla file is attached.


      thank you for your help!

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          Rothrock Level 5

          That error is telling you that at that the time the code is executing that it doesn't know what homeArtist_mc is. It can be any number of reasons for this. Most popular is that the movieclip doesn't exist on the frame where that code is. Here are some others:


          Is the clip instance spelled exactly the same -- capitalization?

          Are you confusing the Library symbol name with the instance name on the stage?

          In the preferences have you accidently turned off "autmatically declare stage instances"?


          PS: This would have been better posted in the AS3 section.

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            Rothrock Level 5

            And oh I forgot that if your clip is nested inside another clip you might need to check the scope.