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    Convince me to "stick with Fireworks"

    john jcc Level 1

      Hi All,
      I switched from Photoshop to Fireworks back in 1999 - because of its mix of Vector & Raster editing, slice/export and GIF animation capabilities. I've stayed loyal I think you'll agree!


      But... my command of Photoshop and Illustrator has suffered. I feel there's so much I could do with those tools not only for for print, but also for websites.


      I tried going back to Photoshop a few times over the years but just couldn't manage its drawing tools - maddening!
      However, I'm now seriously considering switching if PS does what I need... and more.


      FW cons


      • Most web design job ads specify PS not FW
      • I need to be adept with PS and AI for print etc. I'm fossilizing!
      • Assets and Artwork are often PS and AI files, it'd be good to share files with others in the company without probs
      • It'd be good to use the same app and sometimes the same files for web and print
      • Raster Image editing is more basic
      • Less 'painterly' in its capabilities.
      • Feels like I need to move on and upskill as a designer


      FW pros


      • Can I draw in PS as easily as FW? - or will I need to awkwardly integrate Illustrator into the workflow?
      • Handy sometimes to make animated gifs (but perhaps I should do it in Flash)
      • I'm expert with it.


      So here it is: Why should I stick with Fireworks?


      Thanks all! I'll be keen to hear your views


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          Paevo Kelley Level 2

          Why not stick with all three, just for different tasks: 1) Photo manipulation with PS; 2) Drawing in AI; 3) Mockup in FW. Personally, I would never give up FW, especially as it integrates with FL very well... Having said that, if you do a lot of print work, definitely keep up with PS and AI...

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            john jcc Level 1

            Hi Paevo,

            Yes I could do that. Be a bummer of a workflow, bringing stuff into FW from elsewhere; though perhaps not as bad as using PS and AI alone for web design.


            Fireworks does almost everything. It's so easy to keep track of all the design elements and versions and make quick changes - without having to tweak items in PS and AI and paste them into another layout app again.


            Perhaps people who are used to doing lots of print work with InDesign or Quark are just used to doing that: juggling apps and multiple files of artwork around one design.

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              pup500 Level 1

              Ditto -- bummer of a workflow.

              Someone will eventually consolidate these apps into a plugin-based framework like Firefox. I made a blog post about this, urging people to request this as a (huge) feature.


              I, too, need convincing.

              I recently switched, hoping to avoid the duality of Photoshop & Illustrator, then found out FIREWORKS CAN'T EXPORT TO EPS?!?! I thought I had beaten the system -- vector AND raster drawing.... I'm still waiting for someone to make a plugin. I'd pay good money for this!


              Right now, the only convincing feature is the unique object-oriented nature of fireworks.

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                Paevo Kelley Level 2

                I don't see how it's a "bummer of a workflow" to use an application for it's intended purpose. I always use PS for photo manipulation because it's simply better at that task than is FW. I should think that attempting to force an app to do something it was never truly design for would hamper your workflow. The key, in my experience, is to avoid round tripping at all costs...

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                  pup500 Level 1

                  No, that was not a convincing post.

                  I've found a Linux-calibur loyalty from the FW community on blog posts and other places. I'm hoping this thread will embody some of that.


                  It's not a "bummer of a workflow" to use an application for its intended purpose -- that's a harmonious workflow.

                  It's a bummer of a workflow to use 2 applications for the same purpose (the user's purpose -- not the app's), performing file-conversions and -corrections between each transference. Some people have different, more multi-faceted purposes than others.

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                    Paevo Kelley Level 2

                    "Some people have different, more multi-faceted purposes than others."


                    Yes, indeed, so what other category does that put you in?

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                      pup500 Level 1

                      Categories -- new ones appear all the time, thus, new supplements rise the occasion. I like where FW is headed (UI prototyping) because it's seems of that direction. I'm a web-based interactive media designer who uses vector and raster interchangeably (Flash takes vector, HTML takes raster). That's my only real hangup right now (the aforementioned "CAN'T EXPORT TO EPS?!"). I think it's ridiculous that one program doesn't want to do both. Do you know of good alternatives? I've heard Paint Shop Pro or Corel does vector/raster...(?) I know Adobe will do it eventually (e.g. who thought PS would have 3D?). I think they're holding out so people need to purchase more programs. Consolidation is really an important aspect of optimizing one's workflow. Adobe's getting there. But, WHY CAN'T I EXPORT TO EPS?!?!?! WHY!?!?!?