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    Main app and sub SWF apps


      Is there any way to send variables between SWF apps?

      Let me explain...


      I have an application that has a list box of items that you can select. When you select one of these items from the list box, it will load a different SWF file. I want to be able to pass variables to this remote SWF file, this way the SWF file can use these variables....


      Is that possible?

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          Yes, I'm pretty sure you can pass messages back and forth between two separate applications, but the way I ususally do this is to have a main application that loads and unloads modules. In the main swf, the one defined as the application I have global variables that can be accessed from any of the modules. so, to retreive the value your syntax would be:


          var localvar:String=Application.application.globalVar;


          Hope this helps.