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    Dynamically loaded content?


      Can Catalyst (current beta) dynamically load text and images?  If not, will the release version have this capability?

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          acath Level 4

          I'm not sure what you're asking. Can you explain your scenario a bit more?



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            I think he means can a catalyst published project use external images as in not embeded into the project library

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              xoran Level 1

              Yes that is what I meant.  Sorry if I was unclear. 


              One of the things that I'm interested in doing with Catalyst is generating 'modules' that can be easily edited by other parties, without having to touch any programs.  I'd like them to be able to edit simple .txt files that would be dynamically loaded. Same idea with pictures.

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                Think you can but you have to use the flex builder in conjunction with catalyst to get dynamic content and integration with databases. Would be excellent if it would be included in the one program come full release time.

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                  Philippe Chaurand Level 1

                  You can create a SWF file with Flash CS3 or CS4, to load textes or images dynamically.

                  Then you import ("Import Artwork ...") the SWF file into Catalyst. That s all.


                  More details (as far as i know) :

                  - if you write actionscript, dont use the "root" keyword (as the SWF ll be embed in the Catalyst project)

                  - if you need extra files (ex: a TXT file to set which image has to be loaded), paste them in the "src/assets" directory (from the "code view" of Catalyst)

                  - if you need to edit such files : open them with the "system application" (again, from the "code view")