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    Item editors with Spark List?

    dgassner Level 1

      Hi, is there a way of implementing an item editor with the Spark List control? I notice that itemEditor, rendererIsEditor, etc. aren't implemented, and I couldn't find anything about this in the specs.




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          deepa subramaniam (adobe) Level 2

          Hello -


          Because renderers in Spark are so much easier to build to show a variety of static and editable displays, there is no global switch on List (like the Halo List's editable property) to make a List control have editable item renderers. Depending on hue and cry, we may look into adding this switch in a later release, but currently this API is not slated for addition for the Gumbo release.


          Instead, it should be relatively straightforward to writeup a custom renderer that uses an editable TextInput to handle the editing and manipulation of the back-end data.


          I've been wanting to code this example up and post it on my blog for a really long time now - this is just the push I need. I have a half-coded up sample that I need to dust off that shows how to write a simple editable Spark item renderer. If you watch my blog: http://www.iamdeepa.com, I'll post a sample up within a week.



          Deepa Subramaniam

          Flex SDK Engineer

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            JabbyPandaUA Level 3

            I am interested to see this sample code too.


            I would expect that we should rely on adding new state called "editing" into the custom itemRenderer implementation.


            When we switch the itemRenderer into "editing" state, we would change the visibility of input data control, am I right?


            Will this approach be easily extended if we need different input data control based on the type of the data in the list row?