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    Using NSIS to install an AIR application

    si-robertson Level 1

      Can I use NSIS to create an installer for an AIR application? I won't be distributing the application.air file, instead I will be distributing the unpacked/installed application files that are generated by the application.air file. I believe Adobe has no legal right to the unpacked/installed application files therefor Adobe can't dictate how those files are distributed, but I need that confirmed if possible.


      The default AIR installer looks very intimidating to end-users due to the design and the "this app will kill your computer and then kill you" messages, and I really don't want end-users to be put off by it, nor am I going to pay for a code-signing certificate when the application itself is free of charge. Adobe really need to take another look at the way AIR applications are installed, the current process/design is a joke.

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          KevinMacDonald Level 1

          I would be very interested to know if you had any luck using NSIS to install your AIR application. I have hit a roadblock using Adobe's sidecar installer because my AIR file is too big. I'm looking at having to split out the content so that my AIR file is small, and then install the content separately. However, I need to install the content to app://, not app-storage:// so that all users can use the application. I'm finding this difficult with Installshield Express, so I'm now attempting to do it with NSIS.