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    Computer grinds to a halt when recording video


      I am new to captivate, I am trying to record a demonstration of a couple of features of a website.

      I set captivate to full motion mode, and tried to record logging into the site. Unfortunately captivate was using 100% of my available CPU usage so the browser was crawling, so much so that you could see objects move as the browser read their css styles. This, naturally, affected the output video, which while being extremely good quality just replayed the very very slow browsing I had recorded.

      My PC isn't slow with other adobe applications (cs3 etc), it is a P4 2.8 Ghz with 2 GB RAM and Windows XP 32 Bit. I know if you have a dual core machine you can set 1 processor to serve only 1 application, which i suppose would resolve the problem. But really i'm after a solution that doesn't involve buying a new PC.

      I appreciate any advice!