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    5.1 audio / extra frame?


      I have a project of HDV 1440x1080 30fps of which I have imported several HDV clips with simple stereo audio and dragged them to the timeline. The video and audio tracks are linked together by default and flow right after eachother with no empty frames.


      I also have imported cooresponding 5.1 audio tracks in .avi audio only format (without the video).


      When I drag the 5.1 audio clips to the timeline, it puts them on audio track4 (this is normal), but it is putting an extra empty frame at the start of the next audio clip. I cannot ripple delete the space (that function is greyed out), but I can drag the next clip over the space. However now that creates 2 empty frames before the next audio clip. Since there are over 100 clips, this will be time consuming to fix.


      Is there some setting I need to check before dragging the 5.1 audio clips to the timeline so there will be no empty frames between clips? Any ideas?


      (I have attached a screen shot since a picture is worth all those words above)



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is probably the difference in encoding for the DD 5.1 SS Audio. It uses a fixed block size (1540 sticks in my feeble mind), while the Video will be to the frame Duration.


          Depending on how you are Exporting the Audio files (from PrPro?), you can add a frame of either Black Video, or Transparent Video to make up that slight difference. Note also: one does not have to worry about "gaps" in Audio, though with Video they can cause problems.


          I also strongly recommend including about 02 sec. of Black Video, with "silence" in the DD 5.1 SS Audio track, if going to DVD/BD, as it can take a full 01 sec. for some players to "lock onto" the Audio signal. All too often, editors will cram important parts of a musical passage into that first 01+ sec., and will loose it on many players. Note: higher-end players seem to have the most problem with getting the lock on DD 5.1 SS, while cheapo units seem to often do better.


          Good luck,



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            napynap Level 1

            Thank you for responding. That provides some helpful information about 5.1 audio that I was unaware of. I will be sure to take that advice.

            I probably should have used the word 'preceeding' extra frame, since this is actually affecting the sync of the audio/video with each cooresponding clip.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes, I can see where that seemingly tiny difference could mess up sync.


              Now, if you turn Snap OFF, and zoom in horizontally, it's pretty easy to adjust sync, just a bit time-consuming with a bunch of Clips.


              Good luck,