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    Video sample rate


      I made a 30 second spot<AE6.5 Mac> and am uploading it to the tv engineers as H.264 quicktime(data 480800). They are telling me that the video sample rate must be at least 6mb for the spot to run, For the life of me I cant seem to find a way to access that piece of info. There is data rate box in QT which works in kb but I believe that is the speed that it transfers to the server, and the dialog in AE is almost the same, Of course the engineers that require this rate of 6mb video sample dont work with mac so they have no idea how to find the setting they require(nor do I) so the spot sits unapproved, Does anyone know of the setting I can change? Is it because the whole project was done in AE that the video info is unavailable? In limbo I await the Knowledgeable ones