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    HTML.loadURL does not browse to site correctly


      I'm using the HTML.loadURL component/method to load a URL in our AIR application. When running this application on a Mac, the URL loads fine in this component, but when on a PC running XP, it doesn't. Also interesting is when loading this URL in any browser (Mac and PC), it loads fine.  What browser settings is this component using when on a Mac vs a PC ? The URL that we are loading performs some authentications and goes through many redirects to get to the final destination. Here is the sample URL -


      http://legal-fl.auto-graphics.com/loginModule/Referrer.aspx?myses=3607&w=S&k=712364&cuid=l egal&cusrvr=achaeus&s=wdb&ltis=4&ltype=f&url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.lexis.com%2fresearch%2fretr ieve%3f_m%3d214bb0965acc369d90233e53159dfd5d%26docnum%3d6%26_fmtstr%3dFULL%26_startdoc%3d1 %26wchp%3ddGLzVzz-zSkAz%26_md5%3d29d5169960f4beed35274858682b4ab5


      Thanks for your time.