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    For anyone who is experienced with Illustrator, please look. I need your help!

    Colin z

      I am looking to print a logo onto a banner for an event that i am having. I have been coming up with logo concepts, and trying to make them in photoshop. I did some searching online about logos and photoshop, and heard it was better to use illustrator for logos and such.


      I am looking for someone experienced who i can work with to get this logo made for the banner, and even some stickers.


      That was the concepth that i was going for. I am going for a sortof naturey look to represent what my company stands for. Hence the leaves, and the color green. I am also going for a more cartoony look with the font and the leaves.


      I was thinking that i could give the green M a cartoony leaf texture.


      I really need your guys'/gals' help!


      Please contact me @ cmzwirner@gmail.com