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    Rollovers with Pop up Menu

    c15202 Level 1
      The last time I tried to do rollovers with a pop up menu in Dreamweaver 8. It wouldn't work. So I'm searching for another way to do it.

      I created navigation using Fireworks - follow link below to example. But when I mouse over the rollover that has a pop up menu attached to it (First link on the left) the rollover images disappear. Also the drop down menu tends to hang down longer than I would like.

      Can my problems be fixed? Is Fireworks the right tool for this task?

      I had down loaded a trial of the latest version of Dreamweaver a few months ago and it seemed that this feature had been deprecated, but there was some sort of plug-in. I'm far from a casual user, but it was beyond me for the weekend I tried to use it. Also, this is a bad time for me to invest in new software or upgrades.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

      Example of rollover and pop up menu problem
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          pixlor Level 4
          Don't use Fireworks to make HTML, especially interactive HTML. Fireworks is a great tool for making Web graphics, but it is NOT good for making HTML. Don't go there. You won't be happy.

          Read this: The Sordid Tale of mm_menu and fw_menu.js and then save yourself loads of frustration and go buy yourself a professional menu. What's your billing rate? At $20/hr a $100 professional menu that works, cross-browser, beautifully, is going to save you more than 5 hours of hassle trying to get this stuff in Fireworks to halfway...kinda...function...almost.

          I don't use these kind of menus, but I've seen this question asked often enough to know that one recommendation is the code from
          Project 7.