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    How to put a titlewindow in an precise location

    Benoitcn Level 1
      I have a lot of nested buttons in a vbox. How can I put a popuped titlewindow in the center position of the button clicked.
      The codes is:
      <mx:Canvas width="100%" bottom="0">
        <mx:Canvas backgroundImage="@Embed('/assets/background/ButtonBar.png')"
             width="100%" y="15" height="30" horizontalCenter="0"/>
        <mx:HBox id="ButtonGroup" y="6" horizontalCenter="0">
         <mx:Button id="WorkAlertBtn" label="工作提醒" click="workAlert_clickHandler(event)" width="95"/>
         <mx:Button id="IntergratedQueryBtn" label="综合查询" width="95"/>
         <mx:Button id="SummarizeBtn" label="综合概况" width="95"/>
         <mx:Button id="ThematicBtn" label="专题图" width="95"/>
         <mx:Button id="StatisticalAnalysisBtn" label="统计分析" width="95"/>
         <mx:Button id="DocumentBtn" label="电子文档" width="95"/>
         <mx:Button id="ChatBtn" label="交流平台" click="ChatBtn_clickHandler(event)" width="95"/>