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    broken links in InDesign CS



      There is a problem here at work which is starting to cause a few issues.
      Basically we have a design/editorial department who create documents and pass them on to various members of staff who work on the files.
      But there is an issue with broken links for e.g. a designer works on a document. Saves the file and then another person opens the file but the links have all broken. That person then re-links all the files works on the documents, saves the file. Another person then opens the file and again the links are reporting as broken.
      All very annoying and time consuming for the members of staff. I have tried to find out if there are any reorts of this problem elsewhere.
      All the macs in question are running on the following:

      OS 10.5.7.
      Indesign CS - 3.0 (all updates installed)

      A bit of a weird one but any suggestions would be great.

      Thanks in advance,