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    publishing extra domains

      Hi All,

      I have one main domain for my hosting then I have bought extra domains. I am having a little problem with putting up the other domain so they do not end up on the one main domain. I have set up each domain with web space destination but I have no idea where to put the web space destination. I have just gone over to dreamweaver after using net objects for a long time, and net objects is so easy to get all your sites up, you just add the destination name, but now stuck.

      I have emailed one and one my hosting, but they dont seem to understand what I am saying they just said I need to create the destination etc, which I have already done.

      Its hard to write what I am thinking lol.. so in a nut shell I have 5 web site domains all going to the same domain how do I get them to their own files via dreamweaver.

      Kind regards
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          For me I would create a master folder on your machine and the have the five sites as sub-folders within this section.

          From there I would then create 5 Sites using the File Management system (ctrl+F8). You can then set-up the ftp access for each sub-site individually.

          Cole Branel
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            itstrying Level 1

            Thanks for replying..

            I understand about the files etc, where I am stuck is on filing in the publishing part..

            The problem I am having is trying to work out of getting the site to its online destination.

            I know access is ftp.
            the host is mydomain.com then login and password.. this all works as checked, but how do I tell the dreamweaver set up to put my extra domain names.. say for exmple my domain is..www.mydomain.com, with one and one I have to create a web destination which lets say I called it domain.. I dont know where to add the words domain so the other website gets to is destination and not wipe out my main one..