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    Help with loadMovie function

    JOliver77 Level 1


      I have a flash file with a movieclip on the stage - instance name "hold_mc". Currently I am loading an external swf file (named tester.swf) into this movie clip with the following actionScript:

      loadMovie("tester.swf", "hold_mc");

      This works fine and once loaded, 'tester.swf' begins playing from frame 1.

      However... I would like to add some code that lets me specify a frame or better still - a frame label - that "tester.swf" will begin to play from once it is loaded into "hold_mc". It sounds like it should be relatively straight forward, but after trawling the web for an age I cant seem to find a solution that actually works.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look into using the MovieClipLoader.loadClip method rather than loadMovie.  This will allow you to add a listener (onLoadComplete) for completion of loading, at which point you can tell the loaded movie where to start playing.(should probably have a stop(); in the first frame).  The Flash help documents provide examples.

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            Rothrock Level 5

            I too recommend the MovieClipLoader class. I think for AS2 that you might want to use the onLoadInit event (this will all make more sense when you check out the help files) though instead of onLoadComplete. I know that certain properties are not available at onLoadComplete. I'm not sure if that includes frame labels, but I'm sure they will be available at onLoadInit.