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    Issue with overlapping pre rendered scenes...


      Sorry if what I say doesn't make much sense... I taught myself how to use After Effects two days ago, and I've spent about 35 hours on it since then making a typography video.  Everything has been fine and dandy so far, except randomly (I'm assuming randomly, perhaps I hit the wrong function or something of the sort) when I do a RAM preview it will only preview the first minute of my video. Until this point, it has had no issue previewing the entirity of my video (Which is 2 minutes and 15 seconds).


      However, that's not that  a large deal for me, as I can work through that. What is making things particularly difficult is when I overlap the pre rendered scenes (The Ctrl/Shift/C function. I use that for each sentence in the typography video) I cannot see the original scene when I go specifically into one scene. This is probably confusing, so maybe a little illustration will help.






      The dotted lines show that is a section of text in the video, the underscores are just used as placeholders for this demonstration (Want to be sure formatting doesn't mess up which is why I did that instead of just placing spaces.


      Now, if I go into the one on the bottom, even though the one on the top overlaps it I cannot see it while I edit. I don't see why it stopped doing this, and I can't continue until it's fixed. Any suggestions?


      If this is too confusing I can go in and take screenshots, that's certainly not an issue.

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          First, let's establish the definition of what you're referring to as "overlapping pre-rendered scenes".

          Judging by the keystroke combination you listed, you're actually precomposing, not pre-rendering.

          These are two different things.


          Your precomposed layer(s) reside in a separate composition that is "nested" within your current composition.

          Your precomposed layer's frame size is determined by the size of the comp in which it's layers reside.

          It seems as if your problem is that your precomped layers are being cropped when nested in your main/working composition.


          There are a few ways to get around this. Here are two of the easiest:


          • enable the "collapse transformations" switch in the timeline
          • open your precomp, and adjust it's composition settings to be a frame size that is large enough to encompass the entirety of your layer(s)


          Regarding the RAM preview issue, you've likely just run out of RAM.

          You can preview sections of your timeline by trimming the work area, or you can lower the resolution of your comp to obtain longer previews.

          Exiting other applications to free up RAM is also a good idea.

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            Falconpunched Level 1

            Haha, that certainly is what I meant to say. I will try that in a minute. I did try to switch around my workspace, and it still only showed that one section. I  noticed that After Effects only utilizes 2 gigs of RAM, is that just by defualt? I use a 32 bit OS so my 4 gigs is limited to the 3.2 or whatever it is RAM limit, but it seems like it would be more than sufficient..

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              Falconpunched Level 1

              Okay, I tried the first suggestion and it didn't seem to work. I'm about to boot up my laptop and see if the problem continues on that...


              I took some screenshots of my issue. Again, I'm not an After Effects expert by any means. This is the first thing I've ever done in after effects, in the few days I've been using it.


              I think the issue is pretty obvious. The background never seems to appear when I'm in one comp, so that's not a problem. I probably just did something wrong for that. My problem is not seeing the text... I really need to see that or it makes typography pretty difficult...

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'm not completely clear on your problem. If you're wanting to see what's on 9 in your screenshot and 10 is above it and not transparent then 10 will cover up 9. That's normal behavior. Any opaque pixels on a layer above another layer will block the pixels below.


                Depending on the way your pre-comps are setup, you may need to enable collapse transformations. Try clicking on the box between the shy column and the quality column in the timeline window. I can't tell for sure if this is your problem without seeing the project. You could send it without footage and we'll be able to figure it out.


                I also can't see the second screen shot. It's still in queue. Maybe that would shed more light on the problem.

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                  Falconpunched Level 1

                  Yes, the second picture will answer your question as to what is wrong. When I'm in the main section looking at all the pre comps, nothing is wrong. When I specifically go into one comp, I can't view overlapping text from the previous composition.

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                    Falconpunched Level 1

                    Eh, I might as well just upload the project instead.Seems like it'll be easier.  Also uploaded the audio track and background, though it is probably not necessary.

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Now that I can see screen shot 82 and compare it with 81 I think I know what's going on.


                      You have pre-comp 11 that lives in comp 1 and you want to adjust the elements in comp 11 while looking at Comp 1.


                      You are never going to be able to see the elements in the Comp 1 timeline below the elements in the nested pre-comp called comp 11 because they are not there, they are in  Comp 1


                      You can, however, open up a second timeline window by clicking on the edge of the Comp 11 tab and dragging it just above the timeline so that you can see both timelines. You can do the same with the comp windows. You can have 2 of them open at the same time. Then you just lock one of the comp 1 views and you can see how the changes in 11 are going to look in Comp 1.


                      This is called ELAT. Edit this, look at that. I use it all the time. Two timelines open and the composition window locked to the comp that I want to keep looking at. You lock the comp window with the little lock just to the left of the comp name in the comp window tab. Sometimes I have two composition windows open, sometimes I have two time lines stacked on top of each other. It all depends.


                      If you need one I can put up a screenshot of how it works later. Right now I've got to catch a train to SFO

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                        Falconpunched Level 1

                        Okay, now I know how to explain my issue.


                        Say I'm in pre-comp 10, which is in comp 1. I want to also be able to see pre comp 9, while in pre comp 10, because pre comp 9 overlaps into pre comp 10. If you look at the screenshots, those pictures are from the exact same spot, except the one inside the pre comp doesn't show any of the other text. Before, it used to do this.


                        If pre-comp 9 overlaps pre comp 10, shouldn't it show in pre comp 10? That's how it worked when I started the project...

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          When you're working in Comp 1 and your CTI (Current Time Indicator) is at a spot when 10 overlaps 9 then you will see everything that is in 9 provided that 10 doesn't obscure 9 by having pixels on top of it and there is something in 9 at that point in time.


                          You can get fooled if 9 is 100 frames long but the layers inside Comp 9 are only 50 frames long. If the CTI is at 60 frames you'll have an empty area inside the pre-comp where there's nothing to see. In your screen shots 11 doesn't have any footage until about 59 seconds. 11 is also showing up in Comp1. I don't know how long the footage is in 10 (which has been trimmed so the footage can be anywhere) or how long the footage is in 9. There's no way I can tell what's supposed to be showing up.


                          When you make a pre-comp it comes out the same length as the original comp even though the layers may only be a few frames long. If it were my project I'd probably go inside each pre-comp and trim the comp to the same length as the footage. You'd do this with 11 by setting the start of the work area at the in-point of layer 7, which appears to be the first layer in the timeline, then set the end of the work area at the outpoint of the last layer in your comp. Then Select Trim Comp to Work area by right clicking inside the work area. This way, you'll know where here is actually source material in your pre-comp.


                          Without seeing your project I can't figure exactly what's going on. I don't need footage. You can't upload an aep or a zip file to this forum. You'll have to put it somewhere else and post a link.


                          I hope this helps.

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                            Falconpunched Level 1

                            Well when I set them to overlap I set them to be the same length, typically... Also, say if the text inside pre comp 9 was shorter in time than pre comp 10, why would it show in  comp 1?




                            MD5: B940013591E73E046C4D7DB5E1C5C882


                            Here you go. I was trying to upload the file and yeah, figured out you can't. Seems odd, that you can't upload an After Effects file in an AE forum..

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                              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              I took a close look at your project. I can't find any place in the project where a top layer obscures a layer below. I did find several places where there were holes in the pre-comps. You might find the following layout helpful. You can see that the 7 pre-comp is empty where the CTI is currently located.




                              Check out the locks on the Comp Windows. You divide the timelines by selecting a tab and dragging it above the current timeline. You get another comp window by clicking and holding on the comp title and choosing new comp viewer. Then you drag the two tabs apart in the same way you did the timelines but this time you move the second Comp window to the side. Then you just lock the one you want to keep visible.


                              Picture 2.png

                              Hope this helps.

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                                Falconpunched Level 1

                                Wow, thank you! I didn't even know such a thing was possible.  Still though, I just don't understand why it doesn't act as it did when I started the project... Take for example pre comp 3. Pre comp 3 goes into effect while pre comp 2 is running, but when I go into pre comp 3 I can't see pre comp 2's text in pre comp 3.  I can certainly make it through with your suggestions, but it still would be nice to have it operate as it originally did ^_^


                                I have one last picture, I think this'll show exactly what my problem is. If not, then I think I'll just throw in the towel =p

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                                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  If you're looking in Precomp 3 and precomp 2 isn't in the Pre-comp 3 timeline you cant see 2. If 2 and 3 are in the main comp then you'll be able to see them both. You may be under the impression that you could see it before, but you couldn't. AE's never worked that way. You can only see what's in the timeline.

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                                    Falconpunched Level 1

                                    I was quite certain if one pre composition overlapped another in terms of the overall composition, that you would see the former in the latter, but I guess I was mistaken.


                                    Thanks for all the help ^_^