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    Legend dataprovider problem


      Hello there,


      I would like to create a legend to a gantt chart in order to identify the colors in the chart.

      For that I created a xml to be used as a data provider.

      The XML is:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
           <item id="1" label="livre a 100%" color="0x66CC00" />
           <item id="2" label="livre de 75% a 100%" color="0x009900" />
           <item id="3" label="livre de 50% a 75%" color="0xFFFF33" />
           <item id="4" label="livre de 25% a 50%" color="0xFF9900" />
           <item id="5" label="livre de 0% a 25%" color="0x3366FF" />
           <item id="6" label="não está livre" color="0x3300CC" />

      And I already have the labels in the legend, but I'm having some problem's with the color... The legend shows every marker as black.

      <mx:Legend id="legAvailable" dataProvider="{legAvai}" 
           toolTip="Available legend" backgroundColor="#CDCDCD"/>


      Can anyone help or give any idea of how to sort this out?!?! I'm in a bit of a tight schedule...


      Thanks in advance.