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    How to include ActiveXObject of(JSP) in ASP

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         My work is to find out wheter particular plugin is installed in browser's to run tha application, I have done it using Javascript and i succeeded in it.


      I need to check it in ASP in Flex i included the same script in Flex Script part....



      I am getting error "call to possibly undefine method ActiveXObject "


      So please help me to use ActiveXObject in Script part of Flex.or to import it in Flex,,,,


      or Script to Find out Whether paricular plugin installed or not....


      Here is the code i worked out,,,

      public function detect(){
                   new ActiveXObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash");
                      Alert.show("ShockwaveFlash AVailable ");
                  //     document.write("<br><b>You have ShockwaveFlash installed.</b>")
                          return true
                      }catch (oError){
                      // document.write("<br><b>You have not installed ShockwaveFlash .</b>")
                      Alert.show("ShockwaveFlash not AVailable ");
                          return false;


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