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    RH7 Generated HTML in Linux -- upper/lower case letters


      I have a RH7 project created in WinXP.  I need to be able to put the generated HTML files onto linux.  For the most part things work OK.  However there are issues due to case sensativity of filenames of some of the images and generated html files.  There are approximately 30 instances where robohelp generated a filename with a different combination of upper/lower case letters than is used in the links (<A> and <IMG> tags) within the generated HTML.  This results in some images not being displayed in the web page and some links broken.  (For example, we have an html file being generated called, "HydGraphView.htm" while a link to it uses the name "hydgraphview.htm").


      Is there a way to force robohelp to do something like use all lower case letters when generating the html file and the links?


      I have tried changing the names of the files in the properties for the individual help pages, but when I close the properties dialog then reopen it the mixed case filenames are restored.  It appears that robohelp is not actually recognizing that I've changed the filename given that I'm only changing the case of the letters.


      Thanks for your help