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    Help a neophyte with broken images?


      I'm trying to help the nice, stressed out lady that runs our company's Knowledge Base. It's RoboHelp 5.0.2. I don't personally work on it, but every morning I come in and she's in tears at her desk because the images are broken again. None of us are terribly savvy with it. Out IT department's suggestion was to go in and rename them, but they only break the next day. So every morning, she comes in and fixes the images. Every. Morning. She's losing it.

      What I know: images are stored in their own folders for each section. Any change to the file name will make them show up again. They break every 2-7 days. They aren't all stored in the same folder. Both .jpg and .gif break- there's no difference. She's tried different naming methods (i.e. image001.jpg vs nuritmenu.jpg), and that doesn't seem to be helping either. She has deleted the pages, and reimported them, and they're still breaking. It's consistently the sames images breaking. Some are fine and never break. I don't know what else you may need to try to nail it down. I'm taking a screen shot of the main page just to show how all the files and folders are set up, but I have no idea how much good that may do you. Any help is welcome, as she's about to have a meltdown and nobody knows how to help her. Thanks!!