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    MPEG-4 files




      Now, i'm not sure if this is really a CS4 question, but it deals with CS4 and video files.


      I have a Sony PWM-EX1 camera that records to an SxS card. I had trouble with the old software at first (I'm working on a new MacBook Pro) but then got the right and up-to-date software installed. So I grabbed the video files off of my SxS card and put them on to my external HD. It has a file that is named BPAV, then under it is CLPR and in that folder are the video files that are saved under a Quicktime MPEG-4 Movie file. BUT, when I went to preview the file is said "The movie contains some invalid data". It also says something to the same effect when I try to open it in Premier Pro to preview it. So, I am wondering if there is another software driver I need to install to be able to view these files and work on them, or is it some user error. (I'm new to this stuff, but I'm pretty sure I've done everything correctly).


      Any help would be awesome.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just import the BPAV folder, disregard the warnings you get and edit away.

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            ParkBenchPictures Level 1

            ok, I gave it a shot. I double clicked it open it and it said "the importer reported a generic error" and would put the file into my source files. It would just stay in the Media Browser. if i can just ignore the error, how do i get the file into my source files.?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              30-06-2009 17-05-53.png

              Select import folder.

              30-06-2009 17-06-26.png

              Press OK to disregard the error message.

              30-06-2009 17-06-48.png

              There in the project window you have the BPAV files ready for editing.

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                ParkBenchPictures Level 1

                Ok, thanks. i got them into my project file, but it' only a folder really. i tried to import individual MPEG-4 folders and it wouldn't. i got the error message for the importing of the BPAV file, clicked ok, and it was there. but still no video files. i may have to call Sony again.


                any other ideas on why this is being difficult?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The problem is that it is nearly impossible to import individual files, you have to import the complete BPAV folder with all it's subfolders to work. The three steps I showed above work without problem for me. I use Sony Clip Browser software to transfer from SxS to hard disk and then simply perform the three steps outlined above. I don't use Media Center, just right click in the project panel of PR, select import and there you are.

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                    ParkBenchPictures Level 1

                    ok, so i did that and i was able to get a file into Adobe. i took it through the clip viewer and converted it to a .dv file. but the thing about that is, the quality is horrible. it's grainy and really really bad. will that be fixed when i render my stuff? or should i convert it into a different file? the guy at sony told me that the files are MPEG-2 files that are wrapped in an MPEG-4 blanket (basically). but my guess would be that the MEPG file is a better quality than the .dv file. but yes, i did get a video file into my editing software.


                    The question is almost answered. is there another file i should convert to?

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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >MEPG file is a better quality than the .dv file


                      Absolutely WRONG conclusion!


                      DV AVI Type 2 is designed for editing... MPEG2 is designed for viewing


                      You are an artist - You paint on a canvas
                      It is a FLAT canvas where you may see and paint everything
                      That is similar to Premiere with a DV AVI type 2 file... it may see and paint (edit) everything


                      1-Now, read here to see http://tangentsoft.net/video/mpeg/edit.html Why NOT to try and edit an MPEG


                      Your canvas is now "fan folded" like the expanding part of an accordian
                      You may now only see the edges of the folds - You may NOT see inside the folds
                      You are now trying to paint a full picture based only on being able to see those edges
                      That is similar to Premiere with any variety of SD (StandardDef) file compressed into an MPEG (HD "HiDef" is different, with it's own set of issues and problems)


                      Do not be fooled by movie industry advertising into thinking that "DVD Quality Video" is suitable for EDITING... it is not... a DVD is for PLAYBACK only!

                      Your qualilty problem is because you are trying to edit a viewing file... and converting to an edit file can only decrease quality

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        While John is right, MPEG is not better than DV, there is something else to take into consideration. Your recordings were made at 35 Mbps VBR XDCAM-EX, meaning 1920x1080 resolution. DV is only SD, 720x480 NTSC or 720x576 PAL. These are incomparable.


                        There is no need to convert your source material to anything else. Just use the three steps I outlined above and import into a XDCAM-EX sequence. If you follow these steps you should be OK. If you still have trouble, outline EXACTLY what steps you have taken and where you can not replicate my results, where it goes wrong.

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                          ParkBenchPictures Level 1

                          Ok. i did everything that you have outlined. i went to import, grabbed the file from my SxS card, haven't even put it on the HD yet, did the import, hit the ok to the format not being supported, and went to expand my BPAV file and nothing was expanded.


                          is it in the way i set my presets in the beginning when i open a new project? i even changed the country on my camera to PAL and set the preset to PAL and still nothing. i dk what it is, but it's driving me crazy.

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            Step 1: Use Sony Clip Browser to copy the contents of the SxS card to harddisk.

                            Step 2: Open PR, create a new XDCAM-EX PAL sequence.

                            Step 3: In the Project panel, right click and select Import.

                            Step 4: Navigate to the BPAV directory and select IMPORT FOLDER. (Like shown in the screenshot in the earlier post).

                            Step 5: Click OK in the resutling Error message box (Like shown in the screenshot in the earlier post).

                            Step 6: Open the BPAV bin in the project panel (Like shown in the screenshot in the earlier post).


                            This has always worked for me without any trouble at all.

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                              ParkBenchPictures Level 1

                              so i may have found my problem. in my sequence presets, i don't have a an XD-CAM EX PAL sequence. i know i'm suppose to, but it's not there as one of my presets. i'm sure i have the full version of PR, but it doesn't have that preset. i wonder if it's my program, computer or camera. i mean, i followed every step you listed. I don't know what's going on but it seems ridiculous that this is given me so much trouble. i haven't even been able to play around with the software because i don't have any clips to play around with. i may have to call Academic Superstore and tell them my problem. it may just be the software.


                              Whatever it is, i don't like it. I'm gonna keep on trying the 6 steps to get my files in, but i'm gonna have to report my problem to AS. Thanks for all your help, maybe we'll come up with the right answer very soon.

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                You should have a preset like this:


                                01-07-2009 13-14-43.jpg

                                If you don't have these presets and also miss HDV and the like, you will be a victim of the update to 4.1 Many have experienced problems in the sense that after updating, their full version reverts to trial status. Often this is caused by either a faulty installation previously or having used at one time the trial version. The best solution, cumbersome and time consuming, is to uninstall, run the CleanScript 2 or 3 times and reinstall and then apply the updates again.

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                                  ParkBenchPictures Level 1

                                  yes, those are the presets i don't have. it stops at mobile & devices (minus the HDV). So, i guess uninstall is gonna be the way to go. I did get those updates. and i was thinking that they would be a good thing. ha!


                                  As you have probably figured out, i am only somewhat very computer savvy, but i can figure stuff out if instructed (i do learn fast). if you could give me the basic run down on how to do run the CleanScript (and i guess the updates will come automatically) i think that will be the final step and the correct answer.

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                                    ParkBenchPictures Level 1

                                    WONDERFUL! it's amazing. it works and just like you said. i think it was the update that really screwed me over. if the update is gonna do that again, i don't want to install it. i'm fine with the 4.0.0 version.


                                    thank you very much for all your help.



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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      You should be safe now with the update to 4.1 I would try it and if you again get these problems (unlikely IMO), at least you know how to solve them.