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    What did you do to FW CS4? It's terrible.


      I've been using FW for close to 10 years? This lates release is completely useless and very frustrating. Obviously Adobe, you've decided that FW doesn't deserve the attention that PS might deserve otherwise you would have fixed these issues.


      - Selecting slices is just terrible. It won't select the correct slice, it won't export slices - I have to delete all slices or it gets confused

      - General image selection is terrible - this is basic stuff!! Weird bugs - won't let me select objects

      - Exporting images is crap - it creates unwanted folders for some strange reason (by default it seems)


      Can you remedy these two issues? Please? I have others, but these I encounter every day.


      We're looking at ConnectPro right now Adobe. That's upwards of 60k for your software -- you may not realize how deep these issues with other products can go.