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    Gradient filled text

    Jakob Mulvad Nielsen
      Hello Flex community!

      A very simple problem: I want to display some text filled with a gradient in Flex 3.

      It seems like a pretty straight forward thing to do but i can't find any simple solution in the documentation. Google didn't provide me with much help either.

      The only solution I've come across is creating a UIComponent instance, drawing a gradient filled box on the objects graphics, and then setting a Label instance as it's mask. This works kinda. I say "kinda" because it doesn't work when i apply filters that operates on the components alpha channel, like drop shadow for instance.

      I fear I have to go gorilla on this sucker and render the text to an offscreen buffer, then display the content with an Image component while applying the filters I want. This should work but seems like an unnecessarily ugly solution. I feel Flex as a "rich internet application" development tool should have functionality like this out-of-the-box ready for me to use. Am I wrong?