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    Multi level hierarchy AdvancedDataGrid

    kingquattro Level 1

      Hey guys,

         I have create a data struct as follows




                {name: "name1",

                 size: "size1",


                     {complete: "val-1",

                      incomplete: "val-2"}






      I can display the first leve of hierarchy no problem, similar to example here (http://ticore.blogspot.com/2008/04/flex-collapsible-datagrid.html).  What I would really like to do is have, the second level expand so I can display values of complete and incomplete and other under the second child, eventually instead of displaying the values under second child, I want to create pie charts and have them expand/hide as user chooses.


      Does anyone have any pointers? I did google but didn't find anything that could help.


      Thank you