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    Adobe haven't responded to my serial number case!! Photoshop CS4 Extended Student Edition


      Hi - I bought the student edition of Photoshop CS4 a few weeks ago. I registered on here and sent of my case to get a serial number on 21st June. A notification confirmed I had done what was required and said I would receive a reply, and therefore my serial number, in 1 day. I STILL have not heard from them via my email and have checked all emails including junk files!! Also, on here is still says the case is open and Adobe response is pending. I have one day left on the 30 day free trial and REALLY need the serial number now!!


      I rang Adobe yesterday, and after about a half hour wait finally got someone on the other end - who said that the serial number would now be sent to 'the portal'. I'll be honest, I dont know what that means but assumed that I would receive an email with my serial number. No such luck - even though the status of my case seems to have been updated on 29th June (yesterday), I presume after the phone call. It hasn't been 'updated' though!! As in, no response has been made!! I am worrying now!


      What am I supposed to do?? Where / what is the portal - somehwere else I should be checking??? Did I not do something or do something wrong? All I did was register and then fill in / open case to get serial number, including scan of my NUS student card (name, birth date, photo) - is the student card number required? Because that is the only thing I can think of that I did not include - I wish Adobe would actually tell me if I have not filled something in or something...!!


      Please help - Flo.

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          Hey, i havent seen any responses to your problem yet, have you got it sorted? i went through the same problem. It sounds like you have done all the right things, i believe that many people have been applying for the student version even though they are not which means adobe have to be more careful with who they give serial numbers to, meaning they are giving numbers out slower than they are recieving them. Basically they are taking ages!!

          I rang them up three times till they directed me to a website where i sent them an email. This DID NOT WORK! I got an email form them saying i had made an error in emailing them! I then found a woman's email address on a forum who works for adobe. I emailed her and she emailed back telling me she couldnt help me because i am in the uk and she is in NA but she did contact her equivilant in the uk and they sent me my serial number! wahay! Her email address is [email address removed ] If you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask. Hope that helps.


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            Kirsten Harris Adobe Employee



            We are aware of the backlog in Customer Service to issue serial numbers for education versions of our applications. We are addressing this and expect to clear the backlog in a few days. In the meantime you can install and run your Student Edition in Trial mode. UK and Australia users, please be aware that when you install your application in trial mode you need to select English International from the language options, not the default language English (US).

            Otherwise your serial number you will receive shortly won't work until you reinstalled your CS4 product with the English International language selection.

            See this tech doc for more info:



            We are going to remove individual employee's email addresses from this thread, since having them being flooded with emails won't be a solution.

            We appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for the delays in reaching Customer Service and obtaining the serial numbers.


            Kirsten Harris

            Manager, Technical Response Team, Creative Suite