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    Goodbye Nvidia

    deakant Level 1

      Hi all,

      Well I am changing from Nvidia to ATI,  I have been using Nvidia graphics since they appeared on PC. But with the conflicts and driver issues using Windows Vista 32bit, I have jumped ship from using a Nvidia 9600GT, and was thinking of buying a ATI Saphire Radeon 4890 1GB.

      So I am unsure if this or any ATI graphics cards have any compatibility issues running AE CS3.

      Can anyone recommend a good ATI card for AE CS3?


      Thank you


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          DomDaigle Level 1

          Good luck with that. If you think it was crashing with nvidia just wait and  see  with ATI. All the computer I ordered with ATI I ended up changing it for nvidia and simply getting rid of the ATI. Many many crash with ATI.

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            deakant Level 1

            Hey thanks,

            So Nvidia is the best option??? What a pain, Their must be a graphics card out their that does not make Windows Vista crash.

            Anyone any ideas?


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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, you have to look around a bit. The general failure here is, that at any given time both manufacturers have multiple cards with similar names, but each of them may be based on a different chip. So e.g. NVidias's current cheapest cards GTX 250 to 270 are in fact just re-branded 9xxx cards, whereas GTX 275 and up are based on the newer GX series designs. I'm happy with my GeForce 285 on Vista 64 and have not experienced any issues and I was happy withh all the Quadros I had in the past. Other users have GTX 295's and had to turn off dual GPU usage in the driver to e.g. use OpenGL in Photoshop, but those issues have been fixed in the more recent drivers, so workarounds should not be necessary. Generally a lot of the magic happens in the driver, so depending on the version, behaviors may vary and settings some configurations differntly may help. Of course crashes are a pain, but I would hang in there a little and experiment a bit and before jumping to the wrong conclusions, go looking for the right driver in combination with the right settings. Also consider, that physically something may be wrong with your card. Perhaps it simply overheats when your machine begins to get too warm under your desk and because of that, it causes random failures....