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    Swatch palette

    sharkcellar Level 1

      I've been using flash since v.1 and I don't know why I haven't found this so annoying until now, maybe it's because now I'm a teacher and I see the flaw for what it is through my students. Why is it that you can't change the size of the swatches in the swatch palette display, as in photoshop? On top of that, the "feature" of automatically adding swatches to the palette if you accidentally miss a swatch an click in the grey area is truly frustrating, all of a sudden you've added all of these colors to your palette that you don't need. I never noticed these flaws because I have a steady hand but my newbie students, using a wacom stylus, made me realize how maddening these quirks can be. So, adobe, can you add a feature to the palette to more easily resize the display of swatches, also create an easier, less futzy way to delete swatches, and come up with a more accurate way of adding to the swatches than the silly "paintbucket" feature? Something like the preset manager in PS would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          davemakes Level 1

          I agree, the swatch panel needs work. I would love to have the ability to manually sort my swatches. When I'm dealing with very similar colors, it can be difficult to remember which swatches I'm using for which elements. If I could sort and group my swatches, this wouldn't be a problem, but right now I might as well just use the eyedropper and forgo using the swatch panel altogether.

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            travisbrainerd Level 3

            There is also a fair amount of extra space in the current version of Flash CC. Makes it take a little longer each time to navigate up to the palette colors to pick. Adding some resize or scale options (even if it's applied automatically) would be a good fix.


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