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    Mouseover buttons cut off (Flash CS4)

    Debra Morgan

      I'm a brand-new Flash user, coming from a print design background, so my terminology might not be accurate. I placed a gif of a pie chart in Flash, and created mouseover popup boxes (buttons) for the four sections of the pie. Clicking on each box will bring up a different Web page in a new window.This works fine, until the Web editor places the Flash file on the page.


      The problem is that the "stage" area is larger than the pie chart, creating lots of white space that causes awkward text wraps. When I reduced the stage area to a size just larger than the pie chart, the popup boxes got cut off. I've tried assigning "transparency" to the HTML in Flash, but it didn't solve the problem.


      Is there a way to have the pie chart take up minimum space, but have the popup boxes appear in their entirety, temporarily covering the text beneath?