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    Play FLV after another without blinking


      Hello, I hope you can help me with this one, please.


      I have a flv player on stage, along with several buttons. Everytime I press a button, I change the flv file played by the flv player.


      I would like to make the transition seamless - since the last frame of the first video is identical to the first frame of the second video, the second flv would start right away. However, the flv player blinks between a video and another, probably because it is loading the local file. Is there a way around that?


      Thank you so much!

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          This may be too simple and I am not 100% that it will work for you, but here goes!


          Put all your movies together in a video editing program to create one large(ish) video.

          Then when you are creating the FLV file use the cue points to add actions such as pausing automatically and playing again when a button is pressed.

          I'd guess that you can set different buttons to start playing from different cue points.