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    https url path problem (IE only) using HTTPService

      Our flex app is uses relative path for its HTTPService calls. For example the url for some of our HTTPService calls might be:


      The flex app itself is launched from /bin/front. This all seems to work nicely except for when we use IE and https. So, if you go to our site using the url https://our-site/bin/front, and you are using IE we start having problems. In this case we can only access data from servlets that start with /bin. Presumably because the flex app itself is launched from /bin/front. This problem only happens with IE, not Firefox nor any other browser that I tried.


      We got around this problem by making sure that all of our HTTPService urls go to servlets starting with /bin.

      This work around works fine, but I'm curious to know if anyone has more insight into the problem.