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    Crop 1080i video and output to 720p

    medeksza Level 1

      I'm editing and putting together a wedding video filmed by someone else. The original footage is 1080i AVCHD (Full 1920x1080 video). The person who filmed it is to put it nicely, less than professional. Most of the shots are poorly composed with heads being in the middle of the screen instead of at the one third line. So I'm thinking of the best way to fix this and I thought that maybe if my final output is 720p instead of 1080i I would have up to 360 lines to crop away before losing clarity from resizing up. I'd rather sacrifice some resolution to fix the shots than to stay with 1080i. But the interlaced to progressive conversion certainly adds an additional hurdle.


      What would be the best way to do this? In what order and how should I do the cropping, interlaced to progressive conversion, and scaling down to 720p?  Any third party tools that would make this easier or can I do it all in Premiere?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          You can not crop 1080 video in a 1080 project... so why not start with the HDV 720p project preset. Then with the footage on the timeline right click on it and deselect Scale To Frame. You can then drag the position of the video in the monitor window so that the part of the frame you are interested in is in the monitor frame. This will save cropping the video. Otherwise still use the 720p project eset, deselect Scale to Frame and crop away.


          Then you can right click on the video in the Timeline and select Field Order, then select Always deinterlace and then export using the MPEG2 720p export preset (Share>Personal Computer>MPEG the preset HD 720p.

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            medeksza Level 1

            Thank you. I tried what you suggested on a small clip and it worked very well. I have a followup question though. On a portion of the clips, I'd like to smoothly move the cropping window around (pan and scan?) Is there a way to do this with key frames or something similar?

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Yes you can keyframe a smooth movement of the cropping window. It is easier if you followed my first suggestion of having the video with Scale to Frame unselected and moving the video around rather than using the crop effect. If you click on the clip and open the clips Properties panel (click the Properties icon above the timeline to the left) you can select Motion. Within this there is Position and Scale... here you can set keyframes to move the "window" around and or scale  it. See the tutorials on Keyframing over at Muvipix in the Complimentary Products section under Tutorials and Steve's Tips:


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