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    Illustrator CS2 Memory Allocation Issue


      I have a client who uses illustrator cs2 and whenever anyone uses illustrator to open enough files to cause illustrator.exe to consume 750mb of ram "through task manager" it says "An unknown error has occured"


      Now i have tested this on around 6 different computers all with varying specs everyone with at least 2gb of ram and all core2duo or better and the problem is consistant across the board, i have searched through almost every google search possible relating to this issue with no avail, the issue does not persist in photoshop cs2 and you cannot directly allocate more ram to illustrator, i have also made changes to the page file making it up to 3 times as big as max memory. It seems to be some limitation of the memory that can be used by illustrator. Could anyone who has experienced such a problem or has illustrator and can try opening enough files to reach a peak of around 750mb mem use see if they experience the same issue.

      The file sizes they are opening are only around 5mb but once opened consume around 300mb of mem. At this stage they dont want to upgrade to cs4 until there is some proof that this is indeed a limitation of cs2.

      Any help would be much appreciated.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea. How many files are we actually talking about? You know, it could be utterly unrealted to the size and content of the files, but rather their number as each of them wil lrequire its own window instance. Therefore this could be just as well a general limitation in the OS' drawing routines used for this,m especially CS2. AFAIK know, AI does not use a dedicated memory manager like Photoshop does, so this could also be a combination of different circumstances also based on the OS' generic memory management... Hard to tell. Anyway, CS4 offers a trial, so why not try this at least on one of their machines?



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            Kajungi Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, there are three files and none of them are particularly special, except that when they are opened they use a lot of the commit charge, what would make illustrator files do this. I personnally dont use illustrator, just do their IT support, so am not that familiar with it.  These files are only like 5mb but result in 250mb of mem usage, when there are other 40mb illustrator files that use like 100mb of mem.  I have already got the demo and it seems to not occur with it but will give it a bigger stress test tonight. They will not accept upgrading as a definite resolution unless they know what the actual cause is, i am thinking it may be the way they are using it.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              File size does not mean anything. AI being vector based, a small file could still contain hundreds of parametric elements that onlybegin to consume serious reesources, once they are evaluted calculated for previewing. This in particular pertains to heavy use of transparencies and color blending operations. conversely, files with embedded bitmap images may not further chew up RAM, as they already contain all pixels as "baked" data. Specific to your client's problem, you may wish to check their network. If we are talking only about 3 files open at a time, a good candidate for delays are linked external files. Furthermore, similar to this issue, it may be worthwile to investigate how many people or applications are actually accessing a given set of files. If they are a sizeable shop, they definitely should run mirroring and per-file replication on their server to reduce loads. Even small files can drag down performance, if 20 or more people are keeping it open at the same time....



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                Kajungi Level 1

                Thanks heaps for the information i was gathering this was the case,  With the memory usage, as for the company, the business processes vary rarely require more than one person accessing a file at any one time and on my test machines the files were copied locally and ran completely independant from the network in an attempt to rule out this potential problem, I am thinking the issue has to do with some of their practices and am in the process of finding someone who is able to provide some consultation advice or at least examine some of their work to decide if it conforming to "best practice" i have noticed that there is an issue with allocating more than about 800mb of ram to illustrator as an application. i know there is a limit of around 1.5gb of ram that can be allocated to a single process in windows and was curious whether is may be whats causing the problem however i am seriously doubtful.  If possible may i send you through email the 3 particular ai files, i will have to check if they are happy for you to look but im quite sure it will be ok as they have been dealing with issue since 2005 and will do anything to have it resolved, but will not upgrade untill they know what the problem is.  They will upgrade but only when they know exactly why this occurs.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                  What can happen is that they have some fonts that a dubious and are causing the font data basis to grow and the cache that these font databases use can bottle neck the bus  and regardless of the system you have Illustrator can do nothing about it.


                  So the error. Ask them to create a new user and see if it happens there I know you ay you have tried it on a number of systems and it is consistent.


                  When issued CS 2 I had a G3 and had no problems opening more than three files some of them had a multitude of paths but were not large in size.
                  I was also running photoshop at the same time so I am thinking that if you are the iT perhaps you did the installation of the system and the software and of course the fonts and perhaps they are all consistent and so is the problem?


                  I am looking for a constant and you would actually know better than I if there is a constant to look at so tell us more?

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                    Kajungi Level 1

                    Ok, Just because i have spent so much time researching this and it seems to be a recurring reported issue with abode users. I will attempt to summarise my findings and the resolution we used.


                    Firstly i would like to say that adobe has the worst call centre i have ever encountered with a 4 hour hold to speak to a SALES person before hanging up this occured between 12pm and 4pm aest on thursday 27/08/2009, I would never recommend calling adobe if your time is worth anything to you, because it is certainly worth nothing to adobe. *breath* I guess that can do this because they are the only feasable graphic solution available in their market segment, seems like microsoft of the graphic design world. Anyway, enough rant.


                    What i found was that adobe did not support working over a network share and went about fixing this issue a number of years ago, their solution which is more of a work around was to create version cue, So anyone who encounters constantly corrupt files while operating over a network must deploy and use version cue, the current supported version cs4 has numerous issues specifically with the check in and checkout procedure, the only way you can prevent data lose in the event of a windows crash (obviously a common occurance) is to checkin in your data regularly as saving will only keep a copy if adobe drive remains open, this results in numerous versions and kinda makes saving redundant as saving is only temporarily keeps your work for the session.


                    CS4 is much more stable and i have not encountered any issues with limitations of the ammount of virtual memory assigned i have had around 30 open at one time and no issues, overall a much better and more stable product that cs2, too bad they couldnt implement a better version control system, i am also very iffy about moving this data to another server.


                    Thanks to all who contributed and the assistance recieved by this community, way more helpful than adobe technical support.