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    Geographical formats


      I've read that there are different formats for USA and Europe DVDs.

      Premiere Elements points this out when I choose to output my video to DVD.

      Before I tried Premiere, I made "movies" of slideshows & videos & music on the Windows Movie Maker in XP Media Center, and put them on DVD with a preloaded Sonic program that came with that computer. And they played fine here in the USA on my DVD player & t.v.  I sent some of these DVDs to relatives in Europe, and they played fine there on their (European) DVD players (& t.v.) as well.

      So, when I make a DVD with Premiere Elements, will they play OK here AND there?  According to what I read, maybe they don't.

      But how did I manage before, and what will my result be with Premiere?


      (I'm now on a newer computer with Vista and no Sonic.)


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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          Paul_LS Level 4

          I live in the UK. Most DVD players will play NTSC DVDs as well as the "native" PAL format.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Yes, folk in PAL-land are usually more fortunate, and most newish DVD players there will go both ways, with little lost. In NTSC-land, if one gets a PAL DVD, they are usually hosed. There were a few dual format players in the US, but I've not seen one advertised in many years.


            So, besides wonderful architecture, quaint pubs, and quite mews, the UK seems to have the best of all worlds. Now, if they only drove on the "correct" side of the road...





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              ElisabetB Level 1

              Thank you Hunt, and Paul in the UK.


              I assume all of this goes for the Netherlands, too, which is where my

              relatives live (I grew up there).

              And there they even drive on the correct side of the road!

              Which is a good thing, because shifting with your left hand in the UK is

              just too weird.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Though I do not know from personal experience, several Dutch contributors to the PrPro fora indicate that it is the same for the Netherlands, as well. Considering that most/all of Europe is PAL, I would not think that manufacturers would have different models of set-top players by countries.


                Now, considering that there are some display differences between PAL and NTSC, the exact image seen might be slightly different, than what you see on an NTSC system.


                Good luck,