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    How do you make a Letter, sentences animatiion?


      Hello im tryin to develop a game, and i wanna make a flash and in that i wanna make my letter to have typwriter kinda animation. Like you know in RPG when NPC are talking the letter are going one by one.

      and also how do you make it so that when any button are pressed then its going to go to the next thing

      HOPE this make sense


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To do the typewriter kinda effect you can use an enterframe kinda thing to sequencially add each character of a String to a dynamic textfield.  You use a counter that starts at 0 for each String and increments up to the length of the string before quitting the process.  Within each enter frame event you would use something like....


          if(counter < sentence.length){

               tField.text += sentence.charAt(counter);




          though it can depend on what version of Actionscript you are using.


          To make pressing any button do the next thing you must have code assigned to the buttons to do whatever the next thing might be.

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