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    1920x1080 in a 720x576 (PAL)... HELP!!!! URGENT



      I used Sony EX3 to shoot some footage ate 1080i (1920x1080) an I wanted to use them on a 720x576 (an old 4:3 project).

      When I do that, they loose quality, they look worse then footage made with a mini DV...why is this happening?

      I tryed first to export them to 720x576 Progressive, didn't work, an then put I tryed to put them like in the original form an reduce them to use in 720x576 but i can´t seem to have a good result.

      What should I do? How do I do it?

      Can anyone help me?




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          Dan Isaacs Level 2

          This happens because Premiere sucks at converting HD -> SD. Have a look at the workflow I've created:


          1. Create a new 1920x1080 25 fps interlaced (upper field first) project
          2. Import your HD footage and place it on the timeline
          3. Export your HD sequence via DebugMode FrameServer

          However: be sure to download and install hd2sd and use my "advanced" workflow. SO… instead of the sample script I provided on the page, use this (just one line):


          hd2sd(OutputColorSpace="YUY2", OutputBFF=true)


          Open the .avs script file in VirtualDub and save it as an AVI. If you need a DV codec, try Cedocida.


          There are also ways to directly convert the sources (and avoid creating a new Premiere Project, placing the footage, exporting via DebugMode) but I would need to have a sample clip from your camera to test. If you can upload a short clip for me to try, I can probably suggest a simpler workflow.