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    Premiere Elements 7 Crashes on Startup

    Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      The programme has been working fine for about 2 months but, as of last night, my copy of Premiere Elements 7 has started crashing on startup...it gets through the load screen and gives me the usual options to open an existing project or a new project etc--but as soon as the editing workspace opens, I get an error message and the programme closes.  If it helps anyone, the reported details of the crash are:


        Fault Module Version:
        Fault Module Timestamp:    00000000
        Exception Code:    c0000005
        Exception Offset:    00000000
        OS Version:    6.0.6001.
        Locale ID:    2057
        Additional Information 1:    e52f
        Additional Information 2:    e98dfca8bcf81bc1740adb135579ad53
        Additional Information 3:    860f
        Additional Information 4:    6eabdd9e0dc94904be3b39a1c0583635


      If it's significant, the fault appeared on my first attempt to open the programme after Adobe Updater told me there were updates available and I let it go ahead...I wonder if something became corrupted in that process.


      If anyone has any fixes based on the above, I'd be grateful.  However, I'm more than willing to just reinstall (I still have the original download files available on my computer) but, before I try this, want to make sure I will be able to re-register my copy when I have done the reinstall (I have all the codes etc.).  Perhaps I'm being paranoid but I've used Audition for ages and know people have had problems registering again if they've been unable to unregister a copy before starting again...I don't know if Premiere Elements 7 is the same but want to make sure I have my "ducks in a row" before starting a process I might regret.


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          I have re-installed PE7 a number of times without issue... with Audition you have two activations, if you uninstall you most deactivate it on your computer.


          As for your crash problems... first step is to make sure to update your audio driver, video driver  and Quicktime... in particular the audio and Quictime.

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            Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Well, I've solved it without re-installing but I'm surprised at what caused the trouble.


            There was a faulty .avi file in the directory I've nominated for storing my source video and audio.  (I'd started to transfer a large file, realised it was the wrong one and stopped the transfer before it was complete.)  Deleting this one file has the programme working properly again.  I mention it in case it helps anyone else in the future but I'm surprised something so basic could cause a crash.


            Thanks for the advice that reinstalling isn't a problem...good to know just in case I ever have to.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that you got it sorted out.


              With crashes of an NLE, the most likely causes are:


              1.) System - either hardware or other software and especially drivers, as Paul_LS mentions


              2.) Assets - the Video, Audio and still images


              3.) Project settings


              The frequency of the causes of problems normally breaks down in about that order.


              Thanks for reporting the good news,