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    Video Crashes my Machine AND LiveCycle Questions

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1
      Hi, am finding the series useful thus thanks. A couple of comments though:

      - Day 2 Video: Creating custom event classes (23:06) crashes my machine (Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise SP2, P4 with 1GB ram) about 6 minutes in. Doesn't matter whether I have anything else running or a fresh reboot etc.

      - Perhaps I just don't know the setting to make the menu show but the lack of a forward/back navigation is really frustrating

      - I'm confused about LiveCycle (Day3). I've played with FB2 and Dreamweaver/CF and though not an expert have CF8 installed on a different "WebServer" machine (Windows 2003 Server running IIS) which then connects to various MySql databases. Now, I understand that <mx:RemoteObject> uses AMF (i.e. faster than HTTPS/WebService) and believe that RemoteObject will work with CF8. And it seems that LiveCycle needs to sit atop an Application Server such as JBoss (and not just IIS/Apache). Without really understanding (despite wikipedia) what an application server is, am I correct in saying that JBoss (apparently built atop Apache) and LiveCycle are an alternative to IIS/ColdFusion? Or are they supplemental? And when and why should one be used rather than the other (it seems LiveCycle provides added features but . . . )? What are the deployment cost implications?

      Thanks for all responses