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    Crash on start up




      BIg problem getting AE CS4 to work on my Mac book pro. When I start the program it crashes just when it is supposed to open. Tried updating - same result, now it just freezes and shots down after a couple of minutes.


      Contacted Adobe and got a troubleshooting list to do. Tried everything (permission, removing plugins ect.) still nothing. Everything on my computer works except AE, så I dont think it is the computer (got FCP, Photoshop and much more)


      Uninstalled AE and downloaded a trialversion - still no start up.


      Found something about flip4mac and problems with AE - uninstalled flip4mac - still a problem.


      does anybody know what could be wrong or should I just give up. (though luck on spending money on AE!)



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What exactly does it state as the last status message on startup? Did you trash the prefs? What MacBook Pro is it specifically? Did you run the Adobe Updater and have the program updated to the latest 9.0.2? Try that. If not from AE, the updater can be launched from within any other Adobe program (Bridge for instance) and will cover all other tools.



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            snipereye28 Level 1

            1. freezes at Scaning: File Formats

            2. Yes

            3. 17" 4GB (1 year old)

            4. updated yes to 9.0.2


            I looked throug the other Crash Tread and nothing works (Zebra plugin, Hear plugin, Fonts ect.)

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Mmh, file formats sounds fishy. Did you add some third-party CoDecs to your system other than Flip4Mac? Get rid of them, if possible. You could also try to temporarily move the MediaCore stuff out of the way: Applications:Adobe After Effects CS4:Support Files:Plug-ins:Format:MediaIO. Don't delete it, just move it anywhere outside AE's directory so you can put it back later. A word of warning on that: the MPEG-related stuff may act up when you put it back later and report to be not licensed, so be extra careful and do this very selectively to not create a full mess (of course you can then also re-install, if something goes wrong...). On the same note: clean out the media cache (defaults to Úsers:Sniper:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Common). some remnants from conformed files may also cause MediaCore to act funny. Similarly, you may wish to temporarily remove other file format plug-ins that could be causing this, especially audio and video format ones. Image loaders/ savers should be save, as they wouldn't call Quicktime.... Once you have tried, please report back, so we cvan get to the bottom of this.



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                snipereye28 Level 1

                reinstalled OS X and installed AE as the first application - and now it works:-)

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Yeah, of course, but it still rem,ains in the dark and should not be necessary. *sigh*



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                    Dimitri LaBarge

                    I have the same problem on CS3, version 8.02. After some troubleshooting, I think I found the source of the issue to be the Alias.plugin file. Every time that I try to run with it in the File Formats folder, AE freezes at Scanning: File Formats. When I move the file, AE loads without an issue.


                    Anyone care to speculate what the issue might be? Nothing about this plugin seems to be different from its original installation.