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    Help with recalculation when row deleted or inserted


      Hello All, I need some help with the attached form I can not get the calculation fields to update correctly.


      When the form is first loaded all the calculations are correct.


      however if a row is inserted or deleted all my Subtotal fields on each page (except the last page) are set to 0. And the last subtotal does not update at all.

      the carry forward calculation does something strnage as well, the value starts INCREASING when a row is deleted.


      It makes no sense at all to me, i was hoping someone can take a look and put me right


      If you are going to help with the example then you need to setup an ODBC connection to get the form to work. I have attached the form and the a text file. The text file is the database that contains the data items. You need to rename this file to XLS. (excel file) and adjust the dataconnection.


      I think I am going wrong when i select the event types for each field. Ive tried a whole bunch of options but i just cant seem to get it to work accurately


      I've highlighted the problematic fields in pink and blue.



      As usual will be highly grateful for any assistance.