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    Search Pane Defaults


      Does anyone know if it is possible in RoboHelp 8 to make changes to the search pane so that is displays different defaults when opened? I want to know as i am wondering if i can change the default number of search results from 10 to a different number and potentially move the location of the highlight search results box?


      I'm guessing that to do such a thing will involve playing about with the code in the generated web files but hoping someone may be able to point me to which files need changes or if there is an easier way to do this.


      For the record i am generating webhelp using RoboHelp 8.

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          rwrich21 Level 1

          I have the same question as you do and hopefully someone will answer it.

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            I did find a solution to part of this in a different discussion thread. According to "Kate":


            "I've managed to do this by editing the following line in the whform.js file in the Webhelp output folder:

            var gnMaxRslt = 10;


            It's a bit of a pain to do this every time I compile, so if anyone knows how to achieve the same result without reverse engineering I'd love to hear from you.


            Also I edited whfhost.js so that the Rank column in the search results doesn't take up 50% of the space and it looks a lot better."

            It doesn't include more details that that, and I'm afraid I didn't write down the discussion thread name. I tried the first part and found that you can change it as long as it is only two characters (I changed mine to 99). I haven't gotten the second part to work - she didn't specify which part of the file you have to edit and I don't know Javascript. I'm playing around with it now, though, and have been able to change "Rank" to "Relevance" in the search results.


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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              You could edit it in the original file in Program Files but do make a backup first.


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