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    Loading resource module from private folder.



      I have client(AIR)-server(Java) application working with many locales. Every now and then someone finds a bug in translation and repairs it.  Whenever somebody updates translation (via other tool wchich also creates new xx_XXresourceModule.swf on the server) it's created new resource module. From this reason I want to have resourceModules located on server. Changing resource on server will spread this change on each client during client initialization. Client during starting checks "somehow" whether there is newer resource module on server side and if there is then it should download and loads it.


      The reason why I don't want to just call IResourceManager.loadResourceModule(serverURL+resourceModule.swf) every time client start is quicker  client start up. If there isn't newer localization it uses the one which was dowloaded and stored earlier during former start.


      The problem is that when I download resourceModule.swf I could store it only into File.documentsDirectory where I have WRITE rights. But later on I am not able to load resource module via IResourceManager.loadResourceModule(). It complains "Unable to load resource module from: file:///c:/documents and settings/user/MyDocuments/resourceModule.swf" Do I miss something or is it possible to call loadResourceModule() when the SWF file is located somewhere in myDocument folder?


      Any idea how to solve it?