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    Import, and interact with, Flash 8 movies in Flex3.


      Hey gang,


      I have a Flash CS3 App built with ActionScript 2.0 that imports Flash 8 SWFs. Those Flash 8 SWFs are each comprised of hundreds of movieclips.


      I'm rebuilding the Flash CS3 App in Flex 3, and even though I can import the Flash 8 SWFs but can't interact with them (change their color, change their sizes, duplicate them, etc).


      Before you tell me to convert all the Flash 8 SWFs to CS3/ActionScript 3.0 know that there are 700+ of them.


      Tips? Tricks? Ideas?


      A sample SWF (and source FLA) I'm trying to import into Flex 3 can be found here:




      I appreciate your help!