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    Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7


      I created a slideshow of 211 photos,  edited in PSE7 then opened in the slideshow creator where I added  transitions, text, music.  It was saved to my PSE7 catalogue. ( I now notice it has an extension of . pssl. and do not see it saved any other place on my computer)   I learned in making a previous slide show in PSE7, that you cannot make a dvd in PSE7 so for this project I purchased PRE7 to make it easy.   I have worked the last two nights trying to to output my slide show to PRE7 but when I try to open it in the slideshow sceneline it says the file is not supported.  I then tried outputting the slideshow  as a .wmv and then tried opening that in the PRE7 timeline to do more editing.  No go, it only shows the first slide.  I have read both the help guides to these products and have tried just about everything I can think of to get that slideshow into PRE7 so I can add a few more touches and then make the dvd.  I even tried outputting the slideshow as pdf,  that did not work either.  I tried taking off the music, thinking maybe that was what was not being supported in PRE7, but it made no difference,  it must be the extension of pssl.  But,  In the slideshow creator in PSE7 I do not see any choice to save it any other way.  Is it the amount of slides?  Help this is a slideshow of my neice's  wedding going over 1,000 photos, that I have worked on for over 8 months and would like to get it to her before her first anniversary.

      Thanks for any help

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          Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you save your slideshow from Photoshop Elements 7 for Premiere Elements, it is saved as a WMV file.


          You don't open the WMV file in Premiere Elements. You import it into an existing project using the Get Media/From Files and Folders function.


          Once you've imported the WMV into your project, place it on the timeline and press Enter to render it. (It will come in as a single file, not individual photos by the way.)

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            nmhoran Level 1

            Thank you.  I do not have my laptop with me so can't check, but I do believe I did this.  I had the wmv. in the project and was able to drag the wmv. down to the timeline, which shows the first photo.  But then I can not open it to do final editing in PRE7.  It just has that first photo.  Although,  I don't remember hitting enter, but kept clicking on the first photo and also the transition, to try to get a link that would get the rest to open.  Shouldn't I be able to somehow open the PSE7 slideshow to put finishing touches on it  In PRE7 before making a dvd?  I have read so many entries in the forum,  one said that the person having a simialr problem may have been sending too many photos in a slideshow and would have to break the slide show down into several groups.  I just really thought you could send a slideshow from PSE7 to PRE7 and that was one of the reasons for having them both.  Am I mistaken? 

            I do appreciate your help.


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              nmhoran Level 1

              One more quick question,  when you hit enter and then it "renders"  does this mean it then breaks the wmv apart into individual slides in the timeline?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                No. All that happens is that the AV file is Rendered for smooth and proper display in preview only.


                Good luck,



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  I have never heard of an output file with a file extension of pssl in Photoshop Elements 7 (or other version) slideshow editor. Maybe later you could take the time to describe just how you generated this file. But for now I would like to offer some guidelines for getting your Photoshop Elements 7 slideshows successfully burn to DVD-VIDEO in Premiere Elements 7. I am assuming that you will producting a standard DVD-VIDEO NTSC DV Standard 4:3.


                  After you create your slideshow in Photoshop Elements 7, go to the top of the interface, select Output, and then select "Send to Premiere Elements". That is the non wmv route to Premiere Elements that will put your slideshow on the Premiere Elements Timeline as a whole video. The perk to this route is that once you get your slideshow there you can break it apart for further edits by right clicking the video on the Timeline and selecting "Break Apart Slideshow". Or, you could leave it as is and proceed to Create Menus and finally Share/Disc/Disc.

                  A less preferred route for the above is through the wmv output. In this case, after you create your slideshow in Photoshop Element 7, go to the top of the interface, select Output, and then select Save As File Movie (wmv). By time you get finished OKing all the save dialog boxes, you will end up with:

                  a. your slideshow saved to the hard drive location that you designated

                  b. a copy saved to the Organizer as a "Creation" (creations exist and remain in the Organizer)...its thumbnail will have a "Creation" icon at its top. right...this can be edited in Photoshop Elements if necessary and the outputted as you want.

                  c. a thumbnail in the Organizer for the .wmv that is saved to the hard drive (this cannot be edited in Photoshop Elements further),this thumbnail will have a video icon at its top right corner. (You will see that when you move your mouse cursor in that area.)

                  You can get this .wmv version of your slideshow into Premiere Elements 7:

                  a. Premiere Elements 7, Get Media/Files & Folders...from the .wmv saved location


                  b. Highlight the video thumbnail in the Organizer, File Menu/Send to Premiere Elements

                  Either way, you will end up with your slideshow on the Premiere Elements Timeline as a "whole" .wmv. You do not have the option "Break Apart Slideshow" when you go this route. Remember, if you are working in the Sceneline View, for one .wmv video, you are going to have only one scene filled in the Filmstrip of the Sceneline View.


                  Although your details refer to "Timeline", I am not sure if you are working in the Timeline View or the Sceneline View.


                  Although this is a long explanation, there are all sorts of details that could be added. But for now, I hope this will get you started.



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                    nmhoran Level 1

                    Thank You.  The Pssl is what is assigned when you save the slideshow creation while working on it in PSE7 after that the slide show only shows up in the PSE organizer, not any where on the computer hard drive that I can locate.  Of course the original photos that I chose are still in their folder, but without any of the extras I added to them in the slide show editor.

                    My problem is,  when I do what you suggest, while in the slideshow editor, I select  output the slideshow to Premiere Elements,  It appears to begin to do this, showing the first picture of the slide show in Premiere, but when I try to bring the slideshow down to the sceneline it says it does not recognize the media. (That is why I removed the music thinking that it did not recognize the music)  So,  I can not figure out any way to get the slideshow opened up in Premiere and so I can continue working on the slideshow in PRE7, as the manuals indicate.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated,  I really wanted to finish it up the slide show  in Premiere before making the DVD.  Otherwise, I will just finish it in PSE7 and then burn a dvd from Premiere or one of the other programs.

                    Again, Thanks

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      I am now clear on where you are getting the "pssl" from. You say that it is the slideshow shown in the Organizer as "project/creation" thumbnail. However, when I click on on such a thumbnail in my Photoshop Elements 7 Organizer and select Propeties for that "project/creation", it has the file extension of psess. Right now I think that we should put that detail aside.

                      Please clarify if you are working in the Sceneline View or the Timeline View. The Sceneline View has a Filmstrip at its bottom with slots for scene (individual media). The Timeline View has video, audio, narration, and soundtracks to distinguish it. It is best to work in the Timeline to see what is going on and thus have more control.


                      But, regardless of which you use, if you

                      a. Create your slideshow in Photoshop Elements 7

                      b. Go to the top of the interface of the Photoshop Elements 7 Slideshow Editor where it says "Output" and select "Send to Premiere Elements", your slideshow will be automatically transferred to Premiere Elements 7 Timeline (Video Track 1/Audio Track 1) or the first scene spot in the Filmstrip of the Sceneline View. So, it is not clear to me when you say that you are dragging your slideshow to the Timeline or Filmstrip, as the case by be. There is nothing to drag. You slideshow is on the Timeline or Filmstrip. And, once it is there, you right click that Timeline content, bring up a pop up menu, select Break Apart Slideshow from the pop up. Now your slideshow is broken up for you, and you can edit your Photoshop Elements 7 further in the Premiere Elements program.


                      If you decide to output your slideshow from Photoshop Elements 7 instead as a .wmv file, then you do not have this Break Apart Slideshow option once your slideshow is in Premiere Elements.


                      So, I think that I need to understand what exactly you are dragging to the Timeline or Sceneline to get this error. It cannot be the slideshow since  it should be already there.


                      If you like, I will hang in there with you until be iron this out. Let me know if there is anything I can do on my side to make it clearer.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                        Just a quick point after re-reading all the posts....


                        When and if you get your slideshow to the Timeline or Sceneline (via Send To Premiere Elements as described), have you right clicked the slideshow there and selected Break Apart Slideshow? Does that work?



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                          nmhoran Level 1

                          I am now home from work and can get at my computer.  I will try all that you suggest now and get back to you.  I think I have done all of this but am going to try one more time to make sure I have not skipped steps.  You are probably correct on the slideshow ext. I was writing that from memory.  Will check now.

                          Thanks so much

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                            nmhoran Level 1

                            I opened my slideshow in Elements slideshow editor.  I selected output then selected send to premiere.  A box comes up new project and asks for name to save, I give it a name then it seems to be saving a box comes up adding media,  seems to hang up here for a while then a box comes up sayin running low on system memory, save project and proceed cautiously.  When I do this it goes to organizer and various pictures are in the selection window and then I go to filter by and select album.  I go to the bottom of the list where the project is listed, note that the extension is .prel, it opens in the organizer window and has random photos in windows as well as some of the empty talk windows I used.   I can not get anything to automatically open in the timeline or sceneline.  When I go to the selection last 6 months,  I get the first photo of the slideshow,  note it has a psess extension, when I click on it or try to drag it down to the

                            timeline/sceneline it says "this type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed. 

                            So I am at a total loss as to why these two programs that are supposed to work together don't.  

                            Any suggestions to try anything else will be greatly appreciated.  I really don't want to have to spend hours redoing this slide show

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7

                              Thanks for hanging in there. Lets approach this from the point of view of expectations after you hit Send to Premiere Elements in the Photoshop Elements Slideshow Output Options.


                              When you click on Send to Premiere Elements, the first thing that you will see is the purple Premiere Elements window with the program's name, version, and the names of all the program's developers. You do nothing at this point, just wait. The next thing that you should see is the New Project dialog box containing:

                              a. Name, you can change from Untitled to your choice

                              b. Save In Location, accept the default location of My Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements 7 or change to your choice

                              c. Project Settings, probably will come up with NTSC DV Standard, can be changed if necessary in the "Change Settings"

                              d. Change Settings

                              Once you click OK to the New Project dialog, you wait. The next thing that you should see is:

                              a. Sceneline View, with your slideshow in the first spot in the Film Strip and the media for the slideshow in the Media area


                              b. Timeline View, with your slideshow with video on Video Track 1 and your audio on Audio Track 1.

                              You should not detouring to any other parts of the program to try to bring in the slideshow at this point. Everything should be there and ready to move it on to Create Menus and Share or right click the video and select Break Apart Slideshow if you want to do further edits before the Create Menus and Share.


                              Your last post mentioned low memory message which is probably at the core of your problems. That opens up a new set of questions.

                              What is your computer operating system?

                              How much installed and available RAM as well as total capacity and free hard drive space does your computer have. You could use the Task Manager/Performance to evaluate your computer memory situation. How do you have the computer virtual memory set? Is it under the control of Windows or have you custom set it?

                              Very important also, what is the size of your slideshow (duration, number of photos/pixel dimensions, number of video clips/duration and format).


                              Your basic issues may be your unfamiliarity with the program and your computer not having enough resources for the size of the project that is in process. Please consider these aspects and let us see where this takes us.



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                                nmhoran Level 1

                                I stayed up again working on this problem.  I did everything you suggested in previous posts and also everything I read in both manuals.  My slide show never opened in the timeline or sceneline.  If I then went to import media I could get the slide show into my organizer but not into the timeline/sceneline.  Since it was a large slideshow,  21 minutes, all photos (215 photos at high res)  with some effects and transitions,  and I seemed to be getting that low system memory when I output to PRE I decided to try a small slideshow to just see if it was doable.  I used about 10 photos, put them in PSE7 slideshow creator,  put in some text, transitions, and then went to the output.  Everything worked smoothly and it did go to PRE7 just as you described below.  Sooooo I think it is the size of my slideshow. I am working on my laptop, which is where I have my photos and my programs loaded.  It probably does not have the capability.  I do not have

                                much loaded on this laptop I use it primarily for my pictures and also to stay connected with my office when I am not there.  It is a Dell running Windows XP. 

                                So now I would ask, do I try to break apart the slideshow in PSE and then send each part to PRE7?  Is this something a novice could possible do? Or just complete it in PSE and save as WMV for importing to PRE to put on DVD. 


                                For future projects I will load my PSE7 & PRE7 on our home computer as it probably has more system capability than my laptop.


                                You have been very helpful and any final advise would be recommended.

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                                  nmhoran Level 1

                                  I have 195 GB virtual memory, it must be run by windows, I have not done any changes.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                                    Since it was a large slideshow,  21 minutes, all photos (215 photos at high res)  with some effects and transitions,  and I seemed to be getting that low system memory when I output to PRE I decided to try a small slideshow to just see if it was doable.  I used about 10 photos, put them in PSE7 slideshow creator,  put in some text, transitions, and then went to the output.


                                    When you say "high res," what pixel dimensions are you talking about? One should always re-size their still images in PSE/PS BEFORE creating a SlideShow with them. The re-sizing should be to not much over the Frame Size of the Project. Large images will choke PE quickly, and the actual appearance of the images will be better if re-sized in PSE/PS, because their re-sizing algorithms are better than the ones in PE/PrPro.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      Everything that you have stated points to a serious resource problem with regard to the integration of Photoshop Elements 7 with Premiere Elements 7. There are tons of FAQs and other links on the subject. If requested, I will try to compile them for you.


                                      If those 215 photos have pixel dimensions greater than 1000 x 750 pixels, that could definitely be creating a resource issue. Here are some of my thoughts on ways to go if your computer system to get out of the presen impass. See if any are worth the effort....


                                      a. Resize all your 215 photos so that their pixel dimensions do not exceed 1000 x 750 pixels. You can batch resize them with the Photoshop Elements Full Editor File Menu/Process Multiple Files. Then see if a Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor slideshow with those resized photos can be transferred "Send to Premiere Elements" output into Premiere Elements. You will be able to use the Break Apart Slideshow feature.


                                      b. In the Photoshop Elements 7 Slideshow Editor, use the Output Save As File Movie (.wmv) and see if that .wmv can be brought from it hard drive save location into Premiere Elements 7 via its Get Media/Files & Folders. You will not be able to use the Break Apart Slideshow feature.


                                      c. Output your slideshow as a .wmv file, put it on a USB Flash (Jump) drive, and take it to another computer with more resources and Premiere Elements 7. You will not be able to use the Break Apart Slideshow feature.


                                      d. You never said how much available RAM and hard drive space your computer has. Depending on the level, you could increase the installed RAM to 2 GB and try for about 90 GB free hard drive space. Have you defragmented your computer recently. You could always custom adjust the virtual memory, but let us leave that for now. Your goal appears to be NTSC (or PAL) DV Standard or Widescreen. The frame size is 720 x 480 (720 x 576). How much larger than that will guide you in the resizing suggestion. The more work the program has to do to downsize to the format size the more the resource demand.



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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        I just noticed your post about rendering the Timeline.


                                        As Hunt mentioned, that rendering of the Timeline just gives you the best possible preview of the end product. It does not improve quality.


                                        But, if you are in a resource issue and your scratch files are directed to a local drive location, each rendering places preview files in the Adobe Folder/Premiere Elements taking up hard drive space.


                                        There are ways to split/trim clips and other ways to deal with a large project in small pieces but first look at the previous suggestions to determine if any work for your situation to resolve the resource issues.



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                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                          With my comments, I forgot a very important one...namely, re: writing of the .wmv in Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor, Output Save As File Movie (.wmv). Be sure to set the File Size (Profile) = DVD-NTSC (720 x 480) or DVD-PAL (720 x 576). If you are dealing with oversized photos, you do not resize them, and try the .wmv route, you may run into resource problems in the writing of the .wmv. So, even though you may get a .wmv file from the process, be sure to view it in with Windows Media Player before transferring to a USB Flash Drive or using it othewise. You may find some black video in there. Resource issues can surface at either the Photoshop Elements or the Premiere Elements side.



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                                            nmhoran Level 1

                                            I am new at this but from what I see on a few of the photos is:  Reso is 72, W 3888 H 2592

                                            If I resize them in PSE what would be recommended to do this type of project.


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                                              nmhoran Level 1

                                              Thank you. 

                                              I did not have trouble when I did the .wmv to PRE7.  I will try resizing.  If that does not work then I think I will complete the project in PSE7 and send it as wmv. to Pre7 to make the dvd. 

                                              After that is done, I will reload both programs on my laptop and then also put it on my home computer. 

                                              I have really appreciated everyone's help.  I thought these two programs would make things easy but maybe the more features offered makes things more complicated too. 

                                              I love the editing features in PSE but maybe there is a better program for beginners to make slides for a dvd presentation.

                                              Thanks once again.  I will try to complete this project and let you know what happens.

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                I have forgotten what your Project's Presets were, regarding Frame Size. I would use that as a rough guide. If you will not need to be doing any panning on images, that are zoomed out to their max, then the exact Frame Size of the Project would be perfect.


                                                When I do SD work to DVD-Video, I go with my NTSC 720x480 PAR 0.9, as my base. I use an Action in PS to re-size to that. If I have a few images, where I will pan on a zoomed out image, I bump those up to just what I need. For an SD Project 1000x750 should cover all bases well and take a major load off of PE. The resulting images will actually be better by a bit, than working with high-rez images in the NLE.


                                                Good luck,



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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                  Actually, things will not seem at all complicated on the next Project. Both programs work well together. All you'll have to do is modify your workflow a bit next time. Fortunately, you can still do it pretty easily with the two programs.


                                                  If you are going to DVD-Video, then the answer to your question above is: for NTSC 720x480 up to 1000x750 for the still image sizes. If you're in PAL-land, then use 720x576 up to 1000x750.


                                                  In PSE, look into creating an Action to re-size your images. It can run through 100's in mear seconds, giving you what you can work better with.


                                                  Good luck, and happy editing.



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                                                    nmhoran Level 1

                                                    Many Thanks,  A tip to all beginners, Start small and don't start on something of such importance as a slide show for a wedding or other event.

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                                                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                                                      If those pixels dimension (3888 x 2592) are representative of your 200 plus photos, that is bad news in either getting the wmv version of your slideshow written in Photoshop Elements or using the non .wmv version for the Send to Premiere Elements option transfer to Premiere Elements.


                                                      You could consider this batch resizing option.


                                                      On your computer Desktop create two folders, name one Originals and one Resized. Please copies of your oversized photos in the "Originals" folder and leave the "Resized" one empty.


                                                      Open Photoshop Elements 7 Full Editor and go to File Menu/Process Multiple Files.

                                                      In the dialog box, for Source, browse to the Originals folder, and, for Destination, browse to the Resized folder.


                                                      In Image Size, check Resize Images, start with Width 1000 px and Height 750 px. (If you have portrait as well as landscape oriented photos, do landscape ones separate from portrait ones and adjust the width height relationship. You could leave the resolution at 72 pixels per inch or experiment. I usually leave Contrain Proportions unchecked and type in both those Width and Height values.


                                                      For File Types, go with JPEG High Quality.


                                                      Definitely do a test run with a few photos rather than do all 200 plus at one time. See what that looks like and take it from there.


                                                      If you wish to get into AVCHD and HDV with higher resolution (1920 x 1080i), then you need to do a serious evaluation of your computer resources. But that is for another time.



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                                                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                                                        I think that the messages are a bit out of sync.


                                                        But, the golden rule is to do mini test runs before the grand project.


                                                        You seem well on your way to success.


                                                        Hope your next message is "Mission Completed".



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                                                          nmhoran Level 1


                                                          One quick question on resizing.  Since my slideshow already has the photos selected  and I have already done all the text and other additions in the slide show,  how can I resize without having to replace the photos in the slideshow and thus have to redo each slide? I do not see a way to select the photos in the slideshow as they are and resize them.  Maybe this is not possible, if not, I am back to square one in making a new slideshow. 

                                                          You have really given me a lot of help and I can't thank you enough. So many issues have come up and you and Hunt have helped.


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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                            The first thing that I would do is to do a Save_As (naming it just a bit differently, than your Project), and then Close PE.


                                                            Copy the folder(s), that your images are currently in somewhere for safety. Leave that folder structure alone for now.


                                                            Utilize Tony's steps to re-size and make sure that the file names in your re-size folder are the exact same, as those in your Copied Assets folder(s) - the one that PE will look to, when you Open your Project. Remember, same exact file names. Then, replace the files in that folder(s), with the re-sized versions bearing the same file names. Remember, you have your Copies, in case something goes awry.


                                                            Now, Open your "Save_As" Project, and see if PE links to the re-sized files (the ones that you just replaced the originals with, bearing the same name.). In a best-case, PE should not blink. In a not so "best-case," it might ask that you locate the first file, and you can navigate to that same folder and select the first file that it's asking for. It should then find the rest.


                                                            In a worst-case, you still have your original Project (untouched), and your originals (untouched). You could basically replace the re-sized images with the originals in the same folder structure and go back to your original Project.


                                                            There is some redundancy in my statements above. That is because some aspects are important and I thought they needed repeating.


                                                            Good luck, and let us know how it goes.




                                                            [Edit] I forgot that you are still in PSE now, and not yet into PE. Still, it would basically be the same, except you'd Save_As for your SlideShow Project. Also, if you have done some pan & zoom work, remember that those settings were with the large images (more pixels), so you may have to redo some of that work.

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                                                              nmhoran Level 1

                                                              Working on this now.

                                                              • 28. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                nmhoran Level 1

                                                                What I am now doing is

                                                                1. I reopened the slide show in the slide show editor.  I am right clicking on each slide and going into the more editing option in the dialogue box.

                                                                2.  That puts the individual picture in PSE editor and   I then can resize each photo without losing my original work .  I save the picture in the set and then close the editor and

                                                                3. It puts my resized picture and me back in the slideshow editor

                                                                This will take a bit of time but better than trying to redo the whole thing.


                                                                 I will save the slide show as new rather than over the original, just in case.  I am using your suggested width 1000 but the height number varies.  I am too novice to remove the constrain proportions.  Should the resample remain checked and should i use just the bicubic.  I have two reference books but they really aren't definitive on these issues that I can understand.


                                                                I am also trying to figure out what the generic message meant as to does not support the required codec when i tried to output the original slideshow into Premeire.   I do have a scanned document in pdf in the slideshow.  I also wonder if the one of the songs was not recognized,  I did remove all those but still got the message.  maybe this should be another topic in forum. 


                                                                Thanks as always

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                                                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                  I do not like to break your current train of thought, but I might have approached the "save the slideshow project" attempt another way.


                                                                  You say that you can get the slideshow written as a .wmv version in Photoshop Elements 7 without any problems/black video on the playback etc.


                                                                  So, using the wmv file size NTSC or PAL DVD (720 x 480 or 720 x 576), why not:

                                                                  a. leave the slideshow as is

                                                                  b. output Save As File Movie (wmv)

                                                                  c. bring that wmv version from its saved hard drive location into Premiere Elements using Premiere Elements Get Media/Files & Folders

                                                                  This way the burden of resizing in on the Photoshop Elements size. And you say it works. You will be bringing in your slideshow to Premiere Elements with the sizing of 720 x 480 or 720 x 576 depending on if you set for NTSC or PAL. If it works great, if not, then back to what you were doing.


                                                                  Regarding the batch resizing, if you do as I suggested it should be straight forward resizing wise...leave the defaults, except for unchecking Contrain Proportions. I did not understand you comment about that scanned document in PDF in the Photoshop Elements slideshow. Do you mean that you scanned a PDF page and saved it as a jpeg. I was not aware that the Photoshop Elements slideshow editor would allow you to add a PDF file to the Filmstrip. It does add you to add video, but it will not let you edit the video in Photoshop Elements, only photos.


                                                                  If you have a good workflow going that looks like it is leading to success then just "file" my suggestions for another time.


                                                                  I will be watching for your progress.



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                                                                    nmhoran Level 1

                                                                    Slow and steady it is a going.  It is actually not too bad.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out this time.  I certainly have learned a lot in the last couple days.  Should know in about an hour or so.  I am westcoast time so I still have time.

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                                                                      nmhoran Level 1

                                                                      Just checking, as I am reading my resource books and manuals, I am concerned that I should have deselected the resample when I am doing the resize.  If the ultimate goal is to make a dvd for possible viewing on a tv should the resample be deselected in the resize space.  Nothing in any of the books I have on this question.  Since I am doing so many I am a little concerned.


                                                                      • 32. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                        I do not see any Resample in the Photoshop Elements 7 Full Editor File Menu/Process Multiple Files, Process Multiple Files dialog, so I am assuming that you are in Image Menu/Resize/Image Size/Image Size dialog.


                                                                        I usually work with the default which is Resample checked, with Bicubic. Although this works for me, several articles recommend the unchecking of Resample for photos from a digital camera. The following is an AdobeTech Note that discusses this matter in depth.




                                                                        Also check out this Scott Kelby excerpt "Resizing Digital Camera Photos" on page 11 of 15 of the following link:



                                                                        Try it both ways with a few of your photos and see which looks better.



                                                                        • 33. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                          Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                          Although ideally you would use the bicubic sharpener when you sized your photos smaller -- it's probably not necessary when resizing your photos for video. Video simply isn't of high enough resolution for anyone to see that kind of detail.


                                                                          Besides, as Tony says, in Process Multiple Files, there is no option for adding the bicubic smoother. But the results you get should still be good enough for video.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                            nmhoran Level 1

                                                                            Sad to report that the resizing to smaller did not work.  When I output to PRE7 it still says system low save work, (I have 1.9 GB free space on my computer)  What happens next is photos come up in the browser window( interestingly it does not show all 211 photos), also in that same window are icons of the frames and some of the other graphics I added while in slide show editor. (I did not add music yet thinking that may have been one of the problems and planned on doing that in PRE7) Nothing goes to the sceneline.  If I switch to the editor, a folder icon appears .  If I open that the same photos and graphic icons appear.  If I try to drag and drop anything into the first box of the timeline I am booted out of PRE7, and the program closes.  I have received

                                                                            various messages but the most common is that this type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed.  So,  I am still at a loss.  It still could be the size since I have added the graphics in PE7.  I also had transitions and the pan & zoom on some slides.


                                                                            I did send a request to Adobe for help several days ago and have not heard back,  can it take this long? 


                                                                            I am going to try making another slideshow from some random pictures, add text, graphics and pan and zoom and see if  I can send it to PRE7.  If it works, then I will know it is the size not the content. 


                                                                            Do you think I should try to try to reload Pre7 maybe something was skipped went it was originally loaded. 

                                                                            • 35. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                              nmhoran Level 1

                                                                              " I do not see any Resample in the Photoshop Elements 7 Full Editor File

                                                                              Menu/Process Multiple Files, Process Multiple Files dialog, so I am

                                                                              assuming that you are in Image Menu/Resize/Image Size/Image Size dialog."


                                                                              If you see my previous entry you will see the resizing did not work.  Still no luck with sending the slideshow to PRE7


                                                                              I did do each slide separately in Image resize.  I did not understand how the process multiple files worked,  I thought I would lose the editing work I had done, such as the graphics and pan and zoom.  It took a very long time to do and it individually but as with everything so far, I learned a little more. 



                                                                              • 36. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                                I need for you to confirm your computer system resources.


                                                                                Have you just said that your computer is working from 1.9 GB of free hard drive space? That will get you no where if that is the case.



                                                                                Windows XP




                                                                                System Tools

                                                                                System Information

                                                                                Scroll down to where it says Total Physical Memory and Available Physical Memory. What is the value for each.


                                                                                Windows XP




                                                                                System Tools

                                                                                Disk Defragmenter

                                                                                For your (C:) drive what values are given for Capacity and Free Space.


                                                                                We could go into this deeper, but for now it will give us a rough quick idea of where you are with your resources.



                                                                                • 37. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                                  nmhoran Level 1



                                                                                  Thanks for the article on resizing. I printed the whole thing as I found it helpful for future use.


                                                                                  I have


                                                                                   Total Physical Mem: 2,048 MB

                                                                                   Available Physical Mem: 1.06 GB

                                                                                  Virtual memory: 2.06 GB

                                                                                  Availabe virtual memory: 1.96 gb



                                                                                    230 GB

                                                                                    Free: 196 GB


                                                                                  Thanks again


                                                                                  • 38. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                                                    Regarding your Virtual Memory (Page File), how is it managed? Is it dynamic and managed by Windows, or have you set it to static at a certain size?


                                                                                    You mention one HDD. Is that your only HDD, with everytihng, including the Page File on it?


                                                                                    Good luck,



                                                                                    • 39. Re: Slideshow PSE7 to PRE7
                                                                                      nmhoran Level 1

                                                                                      In Sys Info I only see Windows. I have not set it otherwise.

                                                                                      Page file space says 3.84 GB

                                                                                      If HDD refers to my hard drive on this laptop, yes I only have one. I have one disk drive

                                                                                      Not sure if I have given you the info you are asking for.  Not that techie. Learn as I go


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