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    Importing Microsoft word documents that already have paragraph styles


      Hello. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for months, this was taught to me many months ago but for some odd reason when I tried it myself it didn't work . I have my paragraph styles all set up in my indesign document. I have to import text that another person is giving me. The document that this person is giving me is a Microsoft word document. Someone showed me that you can customize the document in microsoft word, with styles for example: Selecting a part of text and customizing it (making it big and bold for example), then naming that style Heading, and then doing the same for lets say...a subheading. Well after you save the document (the microsoft word document), you are able to import the word document into your indesign file and it's supposed to override the styles from Microsoft Word and customize itself with your own paragraph or character styles that you already have in your indesign document, as long as the name of the styles are the same as the ones you had in microsoft word(which in this case would be heading and subheading). Any help would be greatly appreciated.