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    traffic limit problem


      Hi .


      After finishing building my website with the cs4 tools ,

      I faced a problem that i didn't consider before:


      My website is a streaming video ( designed with after effect) and

      the video is 24Mb with connection to pictures outputed from zoomify(photoshop , swf),

      each of the pic is ~2.5Mb ,

      so every user that enter the site uses (whether he likes it or not) at least 24 Mb.

      My traffic limit is 12GB (after upgrading when i realized the problem)  per month , hence  ,in avarage , only 400 users can enter

      my website every month .(if they don't clean their browser history )

      is there any solution that any of you might think about for me to maximize the number of users that enter my website

      under this traffic limit ?


      The website is : http://www.mikibikinis.co.il

      Many thanks in advance.