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    Reader 7 - PDFshell.dll causes programs to close




      I have Adobe Reader 7.1.0 installed on a Windows XP SP2 computer.  Some of my programs (such as Notepad and IrfanView) close abruptly when I move the mouse pointer over a program file located on the Desktop in the Open, Save, or Save As dialog box.  I have discovered that this is due to my installation of Adobe Reader 7, exploiting a Window's shell bug as described in this article:




      When Adobe Reader 7 is installed, it installs a Column Handler Shell Extension, PDFShell.dll to display extra columns in Windows Explorer.


      In the article, a hotfix is offered, but it does not seem to be fully tested, so I am hesitant to use it, given the warnings.  Additionally, I have discovered that SP3 users report the same behavior on their machines, despite no hotfix being available.  I also do not understand why all of our versions of the Shell32.dll and Xpsp3res.dll are newer than the hotfix versions.  Are we supposed to revert to an older set?


      My question is, what Adobe update, if any, was made available to patch Adobe Reader 7 for ths issue?  I don't want to update to Reader 8 or 9, but I am interested in knowing whether the problem exists with these versions as well.  Or, are those versions the required fix for this problem, since no solution was made for Reader 7.


      Basically, I'm trying to find more information about this topic, and find out if there is any way to clearly solve it for Windows XP users.