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    Slides as movie clips option no longer available



      I've recently upgraded to Captivate 4 but have to complete some work to a course created in Captivate 3.


      Now in Captivate 3, when I go to export to Flash CS3, I no longer have the Slides as movie clips option in the export box (also the Quiz option is gone but I don't use that). I don't want my slides as movie clips but now they are importing to Flash using this method. I'm used to turning off this option and working with them on my main timeline and have actionscript I add to talk to the player I use. Does anyone know how to get back this option.

      Slides as movie clips

      Select this option to import slides as movie clips. The contents of the slide, including background, audio and objects, are contained in the "Slides" layer of the Timeline.

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          commando dhruv Level 3



          This option was intentionally removed from  CP4.

          The assumption is that this way its easier to manage the content.


          The functions you use to control the player can still be present on main timeline....

          The only difference is that the slide timeline will need to call the function present in the parent layer(main timeline)


          Can you explain why this is an issue for you ??




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            JZappa Level 1

            That's fine if it's removed from Captivate 4, but I'm purposedly working in old content in Captivate 3 that required me to put actionscript in it to talk to an Authorware piece that plays back the content. However, the Captivate 4 install seems to cause the Captivate 4 settings only to be available when doing the import to Flash dialog box. I'm actually going to work on this over the weekend on my old computer at home that never got an installation of Captivate 4.