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    Motion Tween causing disappearences




      I have a menu I'm building in Flash, the version with no animations can be seen at http://www.brightwork.com/overview. I'm trying to make the block of text on the left tween in from the left. That block of text is a movie clip made up of three dynamic text boxes. Each text box reads in a variable from a text file.

      Ideally, what I want to do is have the tweening in the movie clip. However, when I add in a keyframe at any point in the movie clip, the dynamic text will display and animate up to that point and then disappear.

      Also, to mkae things more annoying, only the first of the three blocks will move at all. I can change the alpha or whatever I want to on that first one, but the others seem to be off limits. Could this be due to the fact that I set the second and third blocks to be just below the title block in action script? Does that interfere with tweening?



      Any ideas on why this is happening and any possible soloutions?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Part of your problem will be due to needing to embed the fonts in the textfields.  Dynamic textfields need their font s embedded anytime you want to animate them or mask them.


          I'm uncertain about the tweening aspect because I'm not clear on what exactly you are trying to tween.  I thought it was the movieclip containing the textfields, but by the end of your description it sounds like you're trying to manipulate them all as separate items.

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            Sairus101 Level 1

            Sorry if I'm coming across a little all over the place, lack of sleep is getting to me here! =D


            The movieclip is staying in the same place. The three text fields are being tweened around inside the movie clip.


            I have the fonts already embedded, so technically they can tween, I've managed to get one of the three fields to do that, it just disappears after the motion.

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              Sairus101 Level 1

              I'm trying a work around, but am still running into problems.

              My new setup is:

              I have three dynamic text fields reading from text files for their content stored in a movie clip called 'blurb'

              That movie clip is stored inside another movie clip called 'blurbNested'


              The 'blurbNested' clip stays stationary on the canvas. I am trying to tween the 'blurb' movie clip inside 'blurbNested'

              However, 'blurb' refuses to move when I try and tween it.

              I have drawn a random shape in 'blurbNested' and am able to tween it just fine, but 'blurb' wont move.


              Attached is my FLA file and the text files it reads from. (I'm not sure if this includes all the images I'm importing or not. I doubt it, but I hope it helps?)

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I am unable to unzip that file... are you using a Mac?  Also, if it is a CS4 file, I won't be able to open it.

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                  Sairus101 Level 1

                  Hm. Not sure why the zip wont open. I'm on a PC using Flash 8. =/


                  However, I've finally figured out just at this moment why it wasn't working: I've been using the same file for the last 5 weeks as I taught myself Flash. My actionscripting has gotten so convoluted and messy that it's continuously setting and resetting the text positions. Attempting to tween anything is basically impossible without a massive overhaul to my code!


                  Cheers for the assistance though!