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    Newbie - Linking to a specific topic


      I just got RoboHelp 7 today and a bit lost. Here is my issue. I'm an App Dev Project manager. I came onto a project that has an application that links to a RoboHelp project. All links within the application send the user to the default.htm. Which is nice because you have the search tool and the left side navigation pane. However, inside of our application we have help links that appear to be very specific to a topic, yet when you click on the link you get the default page. We can create links right to a specific htm page from our application, but when we do that we only get the topic and none of the nice features that Robo help adds, like the navigation pane. What I'd like to do, is create a link that takes a user to the help files with the appearance that you get when you go to the default page, but instead of sending them to the default page, send them to a specific help file.

      Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction? Should we use bookmarks in Robohelp? If so, how do we link to them.

      Thank you so much (in advance)!